Giving to others year round is very important and very good for the soul...

As well as giving gifts, actually receiving them is not so bad either!

We sometimes put giving off until Christmas but it doesn't have to be this way. And, I'm not talking about store bought or purchased gifts. Just on Christmas or Birthdays. Why not start giving just because giving feels good and is good?

Sometimes a quick handshake on a cold day can be the very gift someone needs...

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KatieMac Premium
It is true even a smile can lift someones day
Judy-B Premium
You are so right. Even the gift of a smile goes a long way. Thanks for sharing. Liked the story about your neighbor, a treasured moment for sure. Hope your holidays are great with family and friends. :)
Jenna7 Premium
I never thought of putting giving on the calendar. That's a great idea! The feeling you get when you give is so terrific.

Nice card and I really liked reading the story about your neighbour, very cool.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and Happy Holidays to all WA members, (whatever you celebrate). :)
RickBell57 Premium
Thanks Jen,
Happy Holidays to you as well!