To open an HTML file with HTML editor you should select "File/Open" from top menu and browse to the location of your HTML file. Another way to open file is just drag and drop it from file browser to your HTML editor window.

Other ways of file opening, such as copy and paste, may cause HTML structure damage and are not recommended.

Free Web Templates and Icons:

Web Template
  • Free Full Site template is a pre-made design that consists of the main page and several additional pages that correspond to the menu tabs.
  • This is an ideal solution either for your company or for your personal needs and does not require developing sub-pages.
  • This template just needs a bit customization to meet your preferences before uploading to your hosting provider.
Animated Web Template
  • Free Flash animated template is perfect for you to reveal all the possibilities of visual effects and flash graphics.
  • This template impresses by its originality and professional look and is good for different kinds of presentations and as an animated introduction to the company.
  • Feel free to view and download this template to make your site more interactive and eye-catching!
NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Full Package Web Template
  • Free Full Package template is a set of pre-designed web pages connected through content and related to the menu buttons.
  • It includes such complementary features like matching, business cards, different pop-ups, a great number of various banners specially designed for your company.
  • By downloading it you will obtain everything you need to get your project online!
Dynamic Swysh Web Template
  • Free Dynamic Swish template serves one of the best means of designing a professional quality dynamic and interactive website.
  • Just as in the Dynamic Flash Template the content can be edited from a text file which makes the website extremely easy to maintain and update.
  • This kind of Swish templates harmoniously combines splendid graphics and sound accompaniment and requires additional customization to suite your needs and preferences.
3 Color Web Template
  • Free 3 Color Full Site template includes three templates that has the same graphics and layout but different color patterns.
  • Each template consists of the main page and several sub-pages related to the menu buttons.
  • So, if you are unsure which color of the website suits you better, this package is a good solution for you!
Css Full Site
  • Free CSS Full Site template is a pre-made high quality design based on the CSS technology that became very popular among web professionals.
  • CSS templates are remarkable smaller than those based on the other technologies; thus they load much faster.
  • These templates are much easier to customize and they are fully compatible with almost all the browsers.

osCommerce Template
  • Free osCommerce template is actually a special design for osCommerce - open source online shop e-commerce solution.
  • With our osCommerce templates not only do you get the design but all the required files to install your osCommerce shop along with the instruction on the installation process. As a result you get a completely ready on-line shop based on osCommerce and professionally designed by Template Monster.
Icon set
  • Free Icon set includes 10 icons of 72 dpi quality. All the icons are performed in .PSD and .PNG formats.
  • The set can be used for your on-line and off-line projects to make them more stylish and good-looking.

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NemiraB Premium
I wonder why this tutorial was for Dreamweaver? It costs about few hundred bucks this software.
Sachindra Premium
Thanks for your nice tutorial. Please let me know is "Dreamweaver" is a free software?
Wayne Wallace Premium
Dreamweaver is a product you purchase from Adobe.
Carson Premium Plus
Nice tutorial! This should help others become more familiar with using Dreamweaver. Definitely a steep learning curve with the application.
Dorbie Premium
Nice tutorial! This should help others become more familiar with using Dreamweaver. Definitely a steep learning curve with the application.