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It's no doubt that Camtasia is a powerful tool/software among other video editing tools. Camtasia has everything you need to create a professional video.

The software consists of two central units, which are the Camtasia recorder and the editor. The former is used to capture activities on the screen as you narrate what you are doing, while the latter forms the main part of the software. It is a multimedia tool with a standard interface to handle multiple clips.

What Is Camtasia?

Camtasia, which is formerly known as Camtasia studio, is a tool that was created by TechSmith. The software is mainly used to create a video presentation and tutorials by recording activities on the screen.

No video skill is required; all you need to do is; record what is on your computer screen. In other words, Camtasia captures what is happening on the screen of your computer and saves it as a video.

You can record things like websites, video calls, games, etc on your screen. Edit the video if need be and share on a social platform like YouTube or to your lists of subscribers. You can even use it to prepare and sell your video course.

Is Camtasia Free?

Well, Camtasia is not free. But they have a free trial version that you can download to see how efficient the software is

The free version runs for a 30-day period. I think 30 days should be enough to convince anybody about a product. The good thing about the trial version is that it covers virtually all the features of the original software.

Before the expiration of the trial period, you should be able to make a sound and informed decision of either, to go premium or discontinue.

Benefits of Using Camtasia

  • Tutorials and videos made with Camtasia are usually clear and easy to follow
  • Camtasia is fully integrated with Google drive. You can upload a video on YouTube without any hassle
  • You don't need any video skill to use Camtasia
  • Visual Effects like the color of a mouse, shadows, borders, etc. make your videos easy to understand and look professional
  • You can import a media file from any source for the purpose of creating your video
  • Easy to edit as well as customize a video.

Who Can Use Camtasia?

Camtasia can be used by virtually anyone interested in making videos. However, for the sake of context, I'll be grouping the individual into the following categories:

  • Online Marketers or sales professionals who desire to make engaging and interactive presentations
  • Online trainers or tutors. As a trainer, you can make visually-appealing videos for your viewers to easily understand your message
  • Individuals who desire to create an outstanding video of different formats so as to upload it online
  • Individuals who wish to make their PowerPoint presentations to have some engaging visual effects and a voice-over

Features Of Camtasia

As I said at the opening of this article, Camtasia stands out among other video software. This is owing to the video editing features that come with it. Let's look at some of them.

Music And Audio tracks: Camtasia video editor has lots of royalty-free kinds of music on their archive for you to choose from. Besides this, the software also enables you to record as well as edit an audio clip to get suitable audio for your video.

Other features can also be added to your video to spice it. Features like transition, title text, create quizzes, webcam, and record screen are available for your video work.

Add Effect: This software also comes with some cool pre-made animations. You can easily customize it to make professional videos by simply using the drag and drop method.

Record Mouse Movements: Camtasia had a feature that records and captures the movement of your mouse. You can highlight, change the color or even make your mouse bigger as you make your illustration on your computer screen.

This will help whoever is watching the video follow and understand all your movements on the screen.

Show Keystrokes: This is another amazing feature of Camtasia. You can also record all the keys while typing on the screen. There is a provision to even add a subtle to all your phrases and videos. One of the reasons that make the software to be efficient for making video tutorials.

Camtasia Pricing Plans

Camtasia Video Maker has a ton of amazing features; it is however quite expensive. This is one of the downsides of the software, although people who are in need of a video editor or video maker can still afford it.

Camtasia Studio costs a one-time fee of $287.41. It usually comes with a full proof money-back guarantee of 30 days. You can get your money back within the stipulated days if the product didn't meet your expectations.

Another way of getting Camtasia is by using Camtasia coupon code. With this, you can get the software for little bucks.

Pros and Cons of Camtasia

Let us look into the pros and cons of Camtasia.


  • Easy to use and make videos
  • No video skills required to edit content
  • Free and accessible materials are available for easy and self-learning
  • You can also record a mobile device


  • It is quite expensive to buy
  • The software consumes considerable time during video compilation
  • More themes and effects are required
  • Lots of difficulty with videos that have high resolution


Camtasia is reliable video editing tool where professional videos matter. It is easy to use and also less time-consuming to edit a video.

If you can't do without making videos, I'll advise you to go for Camtasia. It will save you the stress of spending money on software that may become useless to you. You won't regret spending your money on Camtasia because it has virtually everything you need to make a video by recording your screen.

If you are an internet marketer, Camtasia has even made it easy for you. Once you create your file, you can upload it directly on your YouTube channel without adjusting the size. Camtasia automatically adjusts your file for you. Indeed, you don't need video skills to use Camtasia.

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