Super Affiliate Challenge - The 2019 & 2020 Edition
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Training by Kyle
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Description Welcome to the Super Affiliate Challenge, 2019/2020 Edition. Over the next 16 months you are going to be walked through the process of building yourself into a brand and authority within a niche related to make money, affiliate marketing, online entrepreneurship or building a business online.

If you follow through the training, take consistent action and work hard, and ask for help if you are ever in need of it, the process is going to fairly smoothly. Just remember that the INPUT into your business, leads to the OUTPUT out of your business.

This training is going to be updated every 30-45 days with a brand new lesson. It is going to be a lot of fun and is going to be very much an interactive community project where we work together to create independently successful brands.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
How to Properly Design a Website
Navigation Framework & Architecture
Establishing Your Brand Through a Logo
The Process of Become an Experts (& How it Starts From Square One)
Establishing Your Content Design and Structure
How to Choose a Theme Design That Represents You
Analyzing your Target Audience & Constructing a Game Plan Vision
Structuring Content for Maximum Conversion Rates
Creating High Quality, and High Converting Reviews
Becoming a Youtube Sensation (and Harnessing the Traffic)
Utilizing the Customization Features of the WA Affiliate Program
Understanding Social Media and Leveraging in Your Business
Leveraging Lead Pages to Grow Your Business
Scaling Your Content, and Your Business
Implementing a Long Term Instagram (and Brand) Strategy
The Massive Opportunity to Scale Through PPC
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RAFStuart rated this Course 10/10
Appreciate that this has only just started, but having been at WA for twelve months have already found a number of benefits from the initial videos and advice. Having to do 15 minutes on chat was an eye opener as I had never been on before. Glad that it is limited to fifteen minutes daily, also done my five help members out for the day. Found the piece on the website invaluable, now have a logo, to impress the brand on visitors.. Even if you are not on the challenge this year suggest that you do check out the month one training it could help to make your website even better should you need to improve it.
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