Super Affiliate Challenge - 12 Month Intensive Training
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Training by Kyle
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Description Welcome to the Super Affiliate Challenge, you are going to be walked through the process of building yourself into an authority within a niche related to make money, affiliate marketing, online entrepreneurship or a related vertical.

This training is going to be updated month, it is exciting and is going to be very much an interactive community project where we work together to create independently successful brands.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
How to Properly Design a Website
Navigation Framework & Architecture
Establishing Your Brand Through a Logo
The Process of Become an Experts (& How it Starts From Square One)
Establishing Your Content Design and Structure
How to Choose a Theme Design That Represents You
Analyzing your Target Audience & Constructing a Game Plan Vision
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maesitas rated this Course 10/10
About Rich Affiliate and how I am being helped:
In rich affiliate there is a step by step, there is help from Kyle,
I want to say that you do not have to fight with your wordpress to work or domain, just put and write, you can really concentrate your efforts on doing the best you can the task,
The support chat with colleagues helps at any time, there is always a partner for the site.
I value a lot Jaaxy I was looking for a product to search for keywords and this is undoubtedly the best, also can be marketed ... more than good!
Discover how it is to go on a high-end site with incredible applications!
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jmaurice rated this Course 10/10
Super Affiliate Challenge - 12 Month Intensive Training

The Wealthy Affiliate Program, in general, is by far one of the best if not the best affiliate marketing learning websites online. They call it an open-end project I think because the sky is the limit if you follow the outlined training and courses.

The Super Affiliate Challange(SAC) is where Wealthy Affiliates levels you up to accountability. In general, WA allows one to work at their own pace. However, the SAC is for the more focused members who want progress on a continual basis that chart goals and demands persistence.

Even though this is the first year out of the gate, I endorse the SAC for its pay it forward approaches, transparency and its commitment to the No.1 rule in online marketing; helping others. I do not think SAC could be named any better. It is a challenge. but the challenge does not and is not a solo effort there is 24/ 7hr. support for technical and business alike.

In conclusion, SAC will be putting a lot of online businesses on the map through a journey with like-minded pople.
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CalvinC rated this Course 10/10
Super Affiliate Program is an amazing program, everybody should join if they've considered making a living with affiliate marketing.

What I've learned so far from this program:

- The importance of writing good contents
- How to write good contents
- How to manage your workflow so you can be more productive
- How to use Social Media Platform to promote your contents
- You can build a good website for FREE with tools like Canva
- The importance of being present in WA and interact with the community
- Discover the use of the amazing tool SiteComment

And so many more things, I also appreciated the little tips that can open your mind and see how you can accomplish a precise task better. Watch the videos carefully.

A suggestion I would make is to watch the videos with a lot of attention, rewatch them when you have time and read the article for each month carefully.

After 3 months, I've learned so much and made a lot of improvements, the most amazing for me, it's now I have a roadmap of what I should do and how to do it efficiently.

If you haven't joined the program yet, you should jump in asap, it will change your life and how you approach the affiliate marketing.

I believe this training is the missing piece for a lot of WA members, as I see a lot of them start finding success after joining the program.

It's a very demanding training, but you can do it at your own rhythm.

Month 4 is coming...

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JackieSmith rated this Course 10/10
The Super Affiliate Challenge is just what I needed - it's all about accountability.
Kyle goes the extra mile to summarise in progressive steps all that we need to do to become successful online.
These steps are in the overall training but when it is laid out like this within a 'closed group' of people who have said they are willing to work hard - it is something special.
We are all working at the same pace and on the same tasks so it makes it easier for us to ask each other questions as we are in the same zone.
It truly is a pay it forward community and I would recommend it to those who are struggling with what to focus on -as I was - and follow the training here. It is built for your success but you have to be prepared to work hard!
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