This approach is best used by newbies. Think of this like challenging your friend. Make sure you pick a time to bring this up when both of you do not have anything else planned and nothing stressful is happening. A good time would be if you met for coffee at Starbucks or have her over for tea at your home. IF there are others living woth you pick a time when you are alone.

Beginning of The Conversation

Start by saying you have discovered an amazing way that will make money for you while sleeping. It's about creating a magic website that does the all the work.

Ask your friend would she/he (I'm going to use she after this, if that is ok with you?) accept a challenge to see who could earn their first check by doing what you are doing? She will probably ask what it was about.

Say that it's about getting companies like Amazon, Target and Walmart to pay you. Would she like to know more? If the answer is YES, give her, or better yet show her your Affiliate sign up page on your phone or tablet. Suggest she check it out.

For those who are new and do not know where to find this, click on the $ sign at the top.

Of course if you know your friend is already familiar with Affiliate Marketing you can modify the above approach as follows:

Modified Conversation

Begin by asking your friend what she knows about Affiliate Marketing. Then listen and do not interrupt. Respond saying that you only recently found out about it through an awesome company. They help you to create your own Affiliate Marketing website that they host for you. They made it so simple.

Emphasize that you are a newbie and could use some of her guidance. Show her your Wealthy Affiliate sign up page and ask her to check it out and let yoiu know what she thinks.

Follow that by inviting her to sign up for free like you did. Then she could do what you are doing that woild make it so much easier for her to help you.

If she hesitates or starts making excuses, challenge her to a contest to find out who would make a commission check the quickest!

The Sign Up Process

If she says YES then ask her to sign up for free. Do it right away while you have that page open on your phone or tablet. If she wanted to check it out more, suggest she could do that after signing up.

By now you shgould be on your way with a new member in your group. Just remember that you are her sponsor so it is important you both work together and share experiences.

Upgrade To Premium

The choice to go Premium is going to come up. Describe the benefits of going premium. You can get that from your WA site. In addition to these benefits, tell her that if she upgrades before 7 days are up she can get the next month for half price. This offer is only available in the first 7 days.

Of course, there is no obligation to uograde now. That could be done later. State that you found this such a great deal you jumped at taking that offer.

Do not pressure your friend to upgrade until she convinces herself that it is too good a deal to pass up.

On to Approach #2

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