Social Media Breakdown
1 hour Live Video Training
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MAY 2016
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Learn How to Use Social Media Effectively for Your Business.

Join Jay this Friday May 6th at 5pm (Pacific) where he will break down each social media platform and educate you on the demographics for each channel.

If you have been struggling with social media, then do not miss this live training event!

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Why Social Media is Important for your Business
Creating a Business Strategy Alignment
Understanding Your Social Demographic
The Social Media Breakdown
Prioritizing Your Social Channels
Live Q & A Session
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working4nine rated this Webinar 8/10
Thank Jay. I have been worrying about how little I am doing in social media ad which platforms I really need to be using. You cleared this up for me and I think I am now going to be able to prioritize and use my time wisely in the social world.
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jmatos rated this Webinar 9/10
Thank you RKiuttu, I watched it from 23 mins forward and I got a lot from it. Thank you Jay! No offense. Sometimes, it takes time to get to the meat. lol I love your training though and your perceptions, facts, and opinions. This training is going to help me out because like you said I'm doing more spamming and engaging with my followers and I will try it this new way now. I'll let you know the results. Thanks.
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RoopeKiuttu rated this Webinar 5/10
The practical stuff started after 23 min or so.

I would have liked to get more practical tips what to do and some proofs that it really works.
I have used Google+ after starting in WA without getting any engagement there. I just find it very hard to engage there and it feels that Jay's tips didn't take me any further.

There were still some tips in this lesson and I believe that you can get some benefit by watching this but start from 23min.
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