Google likes to see your engagement to your website and blog via social media. This makes Twitter, Facebook , You Tube and Pinterest very desirable.
Twitter is being covered by one of our members Cath, excellently using a video series, so we are going to skip and Jump straight to Pinterest.


I have seen a lot of people finding Pinteret difficult to use, or at least understand how to use it. I am going to keep this very simple and easy to follow.

If you're using Pinterest for business purposes or as part of how you make a living, you should sign up for a business account ... and it only takes seconds to do and it's FREE.
Business and personal accounts have similar features. If you have a personal account
Do The Following:

⦁ Log in to your account
⦁ Go to Pinterest for Business
⦁ Click Convert now
⦁ Fill out your information and click Convert


1. Pinterest doesn't allow redirects or URL shorteners like
2. The link redirects from one page to another on your site

Remember that Pinterest is not intended for blatant self-promotion, but rather, on sharing what people respond to emotionally.
'If you do not have a personal account just set up a business account using your business name.'

Basics & How it Works

Set up your own boards.
Boards are a collection of pins that are categorized into a variety of themes spanning from “humor” to “my life” to “products.” These can be your own photos etc. or you can re-pin from another persons board. In Short, Build your boards around your products.

Create pins and Do More

“Pins” are your key to increasing visibility on Pinterest. The more people like your pins or re-pin them the more exposure you get. All Pins have an embedded link back to the original source, so they’re a valuable tool in building your site traffic.

  • You can add a Pinterest Browser Button to your website or even easier to your browser.
  • Interact with Others
  • Be engaging and gain followers by interacting with them, just as you would on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Like, comment or re-pin their pins to show that you’re interested in what they have to say. You can also see what your followers are into, and use that to gain new ideas.

Why You Need Followers:

Anyone can view your boards, and Pinterest users that like your activity can “follow” you. You can mention another user you are following in a pin description by applying the @ symbol in front of his or her user name.

Developing “pins” and boards that showcase the qualities, services and products your business and brand is built on can generate sharing that leads to increased awareness, and potentially, sales.

If your small business sells various services or products, you can make themed boards that showcase everything you do (including prices),ideas and “how-to” images that explain the “why” behind your business or brand.

This is why Pinterest IS IMPORTANT to your business.

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AllanG1 Premium
Useful info. Thank you, Merry
MsMerry Premium
Thank you.
TomasB Premium Plus
Thanks for the tutorial Merry.
MsMerry Premium
Thank you for taking the time to view it Tomas. Appreciated
jtaienao Premium
Thanks Merry for your excellent training on the different SM platforms.
MsMerry Premium
Thank you, Jerome. I appreciate your feedback.
gs1954 Premium
Thanks Merry, i still need to get a handle on Social Media. The one that i like the most, and suits me is Google+. Every time i post to Google+ with an article, it gets ranked pretty quickly. Maybe Google likes me doing this.My followers +1 my posts often, so this may suit Googles' 'engagement factor'
MsMerry Premium
That would be a yes on google+. It is working for you, so just keep doing what you are doing.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Merry!

A question re: Google+ ....since I try to stay incognito for privacy reasons on the web I've hesitated to use my personal GMAIL.....I have specific Website Gmails for each Niche site but Google + seems to want me to pick a Grand-daddy of a them all!

What do you use? Your personal GMAIL or individual website GMAILs?
MsMerry Premium
I just use my personal Bard but it is not posted and Gmail is pretty safe and will alert you should they see anything unusual.
angieina Premium
Thank you Merry, there is so much to take in will try to remember your good advice.
Are you Merry by name and merry by nature? lol.
MsMerry Premium
I am Merry by name and not so merry in nature. I think I am more serious but have a fun sense of humor too. LoL. I hope I was a bit of help but if you need more just holler. Remember to keep it simple and you will do fine.
angieina Premium
Thanks Merry, I will probably be sending smoke signals soon