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SiteContent is the ultimate writing platform for content marketers, authors, and webmasters. This platform offers you an experience that is chocked full of features that will help you simplify your writing, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, set and meet goals and organize all of your writing activities in one central place.

Within this video I am going to walk you through the various aspects of the platform. These include:

  • How the Dashboard Works
  • How to Create Buckets for Organization
  • How to Search and Find Content
  • Creating New Articles
  • Using the Amazing Spelling & Grammar Checker
  • Setting Writing Goals
  • Tracking Your Writing Activity (and Stats)
  • How to Create a Manage Writing Templates

And here are just some of the features available within version 1.0.

  • 100's critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing stats and goals
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

As with all the platforms and technology here at WA, we are constantly improving it with each day that passes and we have some significant updates coming in version 2.0.

If you have any questions about the SiteContent, any of the features, or how to use it (or suggestions for improvement, please leave your comments below.

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RickH1 Premium
I found this video (Site Content) to be thorough. I used Site Content today for the first time, and I'll be using it from here on out. I'll also be creating and using templates..

I have one question, though. When I finished my article and clicked Publish in the Site Content framework, my article didn't publish. I finally noticed in WordPress that the article was scheduled to publish later in the day. I didn't want to wait that long, so I edited the scheduled time to five minutes out. Five minutes came and went, and a message showed something like, "Missed scheduled time". I tried it again, another five minutes out - same thing. I finally clicked Publish in WordPress and it went live.

What did I do wrong?

Triblu Premium
Hey RIck,

I had the exact same issue once myself. You did nothing wrong. Other hosting servers (less protected servers that is), the default scheduling option works.

Here's a tutorial that will solve that issue, going forward: Hope this helps you.
RickH1 Premium
Thanks! I've installed and activated the plugin. Now all I need to do is write another article and watch it work.
LaurenHelton Premium
I'm not sure if maybe you have some different settings than I do, but I have been publishing to my WP site through Site Content for a few weeks now without issue. Maybe it will be helpful to see what I have been doing.

I click "Publish" from the SiteContent page, then choose which site I want to post to. When the box pops up that says "Your post has been published", it gives you an option to view or edit the post in Word Press. Click "edit post" and in the upper right of your WP editor is the area where you can check/change the status of the post. If it says Published, great! (You can edit it if necessary and click Update.) If it doesn't, you can change just click Publish and you're done.

It sounds like maybe you just didn't take that one final step to edit it in Word Press. It only takes about 10 seconds, and it's probably a good practice to go ahead and check real quick each time you post anyway, just to make sure it's working.

Hope that helps!

(Also I just thought about that maybe your time zone setting in WP is not correct? I thought mine was right but when I looked again it's reverted back to the default settings.)
RickH1 Premium
Thanks, Lauren! I’ll give that a try tonight when I publish something.
RickH1 Premium
Oh, and I’ll check my Settings. Thanks again
Heidi56 Premium
Can I use this to optimise pics from previous posts already published?
Would I need to upload all photos to site content and then have it back in my library and exchange them in the posts/pages?

How does the featured image get into the post?
How do you do the SEO part?
everything AFTER PUBLISHING? Seems a little weird to me.
DKMade Premium
Hello Heidi, as for the SEO part I am assuming you mean the ALT Text. Once you are in the SiteContent Image engine and you have selected the image you want, it will then be displayed as a single image and you will be able to crop it here. If you scroll down you will all your options like ALT Text, Description, where you would like the image to go such as a particular domain and web page.

As for optimization, check out this video from PatsyC a member hear, that shows a really easy way to optimize your whole site for images. Hope all this helps.

LowellAnn Premium Plus
Not sure I understand the first question.

re:Featured Image When you have the post open in edit, you look to the lower right for Featured Image-Set featured image. This link takes you to the media library where you can use something already there or upload what you want. My experience is that you should do this before publishing, otherwise it will not show up in social platforms. I discovered this a few times that I forgot to do the F. Image and went back to fix it.

Once media library has opened the image, there will be SEO items to complete - including the alt text and title
ownonlboss Premium
SiteContent is a great tool for publishing new content.

To answer your questions:
- You cannot use SiteContent for previous content published to your site.
- To optimize existing images on your site you can use FTP (own domain sites) to download the images and use software to optimize the images before re-uploading them.
There are websites for that such as:

or you can download and use the actual (java) tool:

- The SEO part is after publishing. SEO is plugin bound and is therefore not included in SiteContent
- The Featured Images is after publishing. Featured images are often theme bound and are therefore not included in SiteContent
Scheduling is for now not possible within SiteContent, so if you want to schedule posts, you need to do this manually after editing.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Kyle, I finally used SiteContent today and loved writing there :D
It's a lot better than I thought for someone who is old school and sticks to familiarity.

My issue was always the thought of writing it out, publishing it then going back to WordPress to finish it off. I like starting and finishing in one place. I know this was created for the content alone and you didn't want another WordPress.

Another issue was images but they are now added which is great. I can't use the 1 million images there are only 1 or 2 decent ones for my niche but my merchants have hundreds so I'm good there. But it's the optimizing in SiteContent and having the EWWW plugin in WordPress. I've had experiences with plugins clashing with similar variations as some aren't a plugin so this didn't sit well with me. You did tell me to keep the plugin for now but it will be phased out later.

I use H5 headings which may seem small but they work for me so I had to adjust them back in WordPress. When I did add images there was the one space to fill in the description so I would have to finish the rest in WP. Categories, Featured Image etc...

I wasn't sure where the permalink was but do now.
We can't preview so this deterred me from publishing it at this time so I ended up removing my images because I wasn't sure how that worked and I copied and pasted the content to WP and did the rest there. I didn't know what to think about having the images compressed in SiteContent then bringing them over to WP.

If I would have published it, would there be a copy of it in WP along with the rest of the posts? or would it just be at SiteContent. If it stays in SiteContent then my posts will be in two different places.

I need to get used to the writing first and just copy and paste for now. It would be nice to not have to publish it first then edit. But have it saved and sent to WP to finish it up.

Thanks for this, I'm glad I used it today and can't wait to write my next one which will be tomorrow :)
TheOldSilly Premium
Really love this, and appreciate the amount of work you guys must have invested in putting this together for us. Three things, however, I would like to see in the next (2.0) version:

1. The full range of H headings. My niche site has a consistent style throughout its 800+ pages (mostly all recipes), and I rarely use headings larger than H4. Maybe it's my theme, but the headings 1 and 2 just look too ostentatious and gaudy.

2. The ability to send the content to my site as a yet unpublished draft, as either a post or a page, and ...

3. The ability to assign pages where they are appropriately parented.

Again, thank you so much for continuing to keep improvements and new features coming!
Kyle Premium Plus
Thanks for your suggestions.

1. The full range of H headings. My niche site has a consistent style throughout its 800+ pages (mostly all recipes), and I rarely use headings larger than H4. Maybe it's my theme, but the headings 1 and 2 just look too ostentatious and gaudy.

We can definitely add up to H5 tags. That is not a huge update.

2. The ability to send the content to my site as a yet unpublished draft, as either a post or a page, and ...

Why wouldn't you just keep it in SiteContent? If you publish, you can immediately go to your website (on post, it gives you the direct link) and make draft. It is very simple.

Something that we may consider though is scheduling of content right with the SiteContent UI.

3. The ability to assign pages where they are appropriately parented.

We don't want to rebuild Wordpress. This can still be managed in the same way within your Custom Menus. We are not rebuilding the Wordpress framework, rather this a content creation platform, the most advanced in the industry and it will continue to evolve in many exciting ways.
MozMary Premium Plus
people keep asking whether the publishing the reverting to draft could be an issue in google?
Helen123 Premium Plus
Ive not started using this yet but one thing that jumps out at me is how do I post to the correct website in the correct place on the website? Does the content appear in the right place in the dashboard - page or post? I suppose the answer to all this will be to just jump straight in and get on with it !
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Helen

When you hit the publish button you're given the options to choose the website and whether it's a page or a post etc before you publish