Do you stare at a blank page not knowing how to begin your blog posts?

Do you find yourself rewriting sentences and paragraphs over and over again, wasting a lot of time and energy because you just can't seem to get it right?

Does it take you 30 minutes or more just to complete a simple 50 word paragraph?

I have a solution for your writer's block. In this tutorial I'll show you a trick I currently use myself on how to never struggle with this problem again.

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Jimmyk16 Premium
Anything on the internet or published in a book is fair game to be copied, but do not copy word for word as you describe.

Make sure you cite references and citations.

Good information.


mcb247 Premium
Thanks for sharing... not sure where I took this from but you have just described how I sometimes write my posts... not even sure I was taught this I just did it.

Anyway it works for me too so definitely worth a go.
lynnsam61 Premium
Using others' writing for inspiration is a great way to get unblocked. Thanks for sharing!
BorisRoman Premium
Great tutorial! Thanks a lot for sharing!

I use a similar method with the incorporation of a thesaurus.

Wish you great success!

MrKent Premium
Hey Bob, how does your method with a thesaurus work?
BorisRoman Premium
Hey Kent, I use it to find synonyms for words from original text to choose from for my text.

All the best!

Tsquare122 Premium
This is a powerful strategy for every content creator or writer. No more getting stuck while writing. Thanks for sharing this post.