This process was one of the most frustrating things to work out on wordpress. Im not a great one for following instructions, especially if Im not 'spoonfed' on how to accomplish the task. I am not particularly computer minded, which on the whole is why wordpress and Wealthy Affiliate in particular is so good because its is all explained so well but I couldn't find an explanation of how to get my images into the side bar of my website. I wanted to scatter them through the whole site but not have them all on the same page.

I finally worked out how to go about it and this is what Im going to show you how to do it now. I managed to get my triplets image onto my blog side bar but I didnt want it on every page so using my widgets I was able to achieve this. Follow the tutorial and you will easily manage to get your images where you want them on your sidebars.

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leopardo18 Premium
Very helpful .. thank you this post.
EltonThomas Premium
This one has been driving me nuts for weeks the point I gave up and now have many empty image windows....I will try again...
pamdemonium Premium
Awesome! Your tutorial was of great help!

The theme I'm dealing with on another site does not have an image widget, unlike my main site. So was finding a work around. Thanks so much!
MisterReen Premium
Thank you for this. I will try this right away
Delighted1 Premium
Thanks Helen that is very helpful.