Does Rewriting Old Posts Really Works?

Yes, definitely it works and I will show you in a minute, that rewriting old posts really works and boost your old posts to rank on Google Page 1. Recently after watching Jay's training on Giving Old Content A New SEO Life

Giving Old Content A New SEO Life...

I tried this method on one of my post dated back to 2017, I used all the methods by Jay, and yes it works, now my old blog post is on Google Page 1. Also I applied other methods Jay mention of adding Video and site comments to blog.

The post was on second page, before rewriting and applying the Jay's training.

Adding site comments also helps as the comments shows the current date, may be it signifies Google, that the content is relevant and latest.

Here is the tool, to check out which of your post is more shared on social platforms, you can check upto 100 links at a time.

Moz Checker

On the Last Page, I will show you many other ways to REPUBLISH your old content..

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PaulWatson Premium Plus
love this - thanks for the info.

jivitajay Premium Plus
You are welcome Paul:)
Funder Premium
Great lesson, thank you for sharing
jivitajay Premium Plus
Welcome Nicole:)
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Shubhaangi,

Thank you for this good lesson.
Since I have been doing Site Comments I am automatically redoing old posts.
I have this system which is the same for both my websites.
I make a list with all the posts that only have 2 comments. I start with the oldest and check if all is ok, add some more information, a book, and take care it has some links and also a backlink at the bottom.
When all is ok I ask for comments. Like that, I work myself up to the newest post. Then I will start a new list of posts which only have 4 comments.
Like this, I have been rotating everything and I am happy with the result.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Taetske
I think yours is a good strategy to update the posts, thanks for sharing.

dchapman3 Premium
Jay has a video training on re-purposing old content.
jivitajay Premium Plus
Yes Donald,
I have given the link in the tutorial, actually following Jay's training on the repurposing, one of my posts ranked on Google page 1.

ownonlboss Premium
Didn't think rewriting content with the same keyword would be a good idea, but you can probably write related keyword articles.

I am a big believer of repurposing content yes. Not so much republishing.

jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Steve for stopping by and giving some great tips. Definitely going to help all of us.
Steve, I have only changed meta title, meta description, and first paragraph, and added some latest details.
Do you mean rewriting entire post? Pl correct me if I am wrong,