#1 thing to remember at the beginning.

•Focus on you meaning-

*Focus on the resources and skills you have right now and think realistically.

*One of the biggest misconceptions i see are people that are under the impression you have to have a substantial amount of money to invest in a business to get it going that's simply not true.

*Ive heard of people investing millions into buisnesses that fail right away money has nothing to do with starting a business.
Especialy when your starting a buisness online as a matter of fact you can join wealthy affiliate absolutely free with zero risks this will help you build the foundation of your buisness.

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Newme202 Premium
Thank you Jon for your awesome tips regarding how to be successful in business and maintaining it.
Looking forward to your other training
Jon456 Premium
Your welcome I should have more of it published tonight I’m almost finished with this last section and it will be ready to go. I’m glad you are finding this helpful if there is anything I can help you with let me know I’m always here to help.