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You have your website set-up....what now? Your first step is getting your website ready for the search engines. The sooner you do this, the sooner your can get indexed and ranked in Google (and other search engines) which is going to lead to your traffic and revenue.

In this video, I am going to be walking you through the following:

  1. What is SEO and how does it work
  2. Why is SEO important to your online business
  3. How to activate your plugins
  4. How to set-up the The SEO Framework plugin
  5. How Good SEO looks in Google
  6. Understanding home titles and descriptions

If you have any questions about the set-up of the The SEO Framework wordpress plugin or you have any questions about the SEO topics discussed in this video, please leave your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

PS. As mentioned in the video, your website will take typically between 7-14 days to initially get indexed in Google. If your site is not quite indexed, that is fine. No need to panic, it WILL happen!

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Peggy-sue Premium
Hi! after setting up my plug-ins i was a little concerned i done this wrong. after many attempts of watching the walk through video i finally got it right! keep up the great videos, i find this exceptionally great for the newbies.
ChrisDreamer Premium
I keep getting a message prompting me to choose a privacy page or create one.....not sure about this oe there are a few options
DianeCarter3 Premium
I like this ideal, this training is well worth listening and follow alone. Thanks!
laasuuncaan Premium
Hi... My question is? My title is ( sport and nutrition ) can i use words like Sport, nutrition, sport nutrition, dieting, weight training, weight gains, vitamins etc as keywords . Thank you
Familyman82 Premium
yes you absolutely should be using Keywords related to your site name. EDD's ( Exact Match Domain) are not dear yet and in my opinion they never will be
LeithSteel Premium
This is really awesome! Loving the training!