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If you are creating a new Wordpress site, you need to make sure it is set-up properly. This quick video walk through is going to show you how to correctly set-up your Wordpress site.
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jlevan63 Premium
I really need lots of help getting a website started. This being the first time ever, very confusing, and like Greek to me. Videos don't make any sense to me. Any good help out there?
Jaweda2k Premium
The best thing I can tell you is to follow the get starting training and when something does not make sense, ask questions in the comment section, live chat, or start a discussion asking for help with that particular situation. Always try to be as specific as possible and provide lots of details.
I have hard time setting up a website. I am confused. Please help me. Thanks.
TshidiBee Premium
Hi JanetPacana, Do you mind explaining a little bit more? Have you identified your niche and found a domain yet or are you using the free domain? Any how if you have gone through the lessons and especially Bootcamp you probably have done all that. Therefore you should be clicking on the left side menu where it says "Build My Website" then start rolling. I don't know if am helping at all because you request for help is not specific about the exact challenge. All the best.
Kyle Premium
Here is a video I created that walks you through the process of building a website using SiteRubix (the website builder here) in 30 seconds.

If you are stuck at a particular point, let us know where and we will help you out Janet.
omfang Premium
This video made setting up my WP. site quite easy,Thanks Kyle
Kyle Premium
Glad you enjoyed it Orlando! :)
When setting up my Wordpress website for example, who else has access to this website's admin area apart from myself?
cheick55 Premium
Nobody but you. Unless you give some one permision to access your account by signing them on as an admin, only you can access your websites admin area.
nathaniell Premium
Nobody, just you! If you ask for support from the hosting support I think they can fix some stuff for you related to the technical stuff (for premium members), but on a day to day basis, just you!
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