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Added May 28, 2017
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts with a proper website architecture and set-up.

In this training video I am going to be explaining the importance of SEO and walking you through the initial set-up process of All in One SEO, a plugin that will help you manage your meta tags, the tags that Google looks at when indexing your content into their search results.

The following are some of the things that will be covered:

  • The Importance of SEO
  • How Google Indexes Content
  • Setting Up the All in One SEO Title & Description
  • How to Edit and Save Your AIO SEO Settings
  • How to See Your Meta Tags Within Your Source Code

If you have any questions about setting your website up initially for SEO or the set-up of All in One SEO, let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to help you out.

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MarkDouglas Premium
Thanks for the behind the scenes view. I always wondered how the search engines made the selection as to whose page showed up where, and why. I've many scammers out there wanting 100's of dollars to teach this. Or worse, they try to convenience you that you need to PAY for your 'advertising'.
Thanks for running the 'real deal' here at WA. I've learned more in a few lessons than I then all of the other schemes put together.
Good job!
Kyle Premium
Well we are truly different. We provide the best and most comprehensive training in this industry, for the most cost efficient price. So glad you are enjoying the training. :)
JCovington2 Premium
I'm loving the ease and simplicity of this training. The modules are very easy to follow and the instructions are very detailed and thorough. I am super excited and the more I progress through this training the more excited I become. Thank you guys so much for all that you are doing for all of us!
Kyle Premium
You are doing great Jerome, nice work on your progress thus far. Your business is going to continue to take shape as you move through the training. :)
redbiro Premium
Hi Kyle, I cannot complete your video because my All in One SEO does not have Home Title and Home Description. However it does have Home Page Title Format and much further down the page it has Description Format. As my All in One SEO is not the same as yours, to complete your video training, should I add into these fields?
Thanks in advance. Dave
SophiasWork Premium
Thank you, Kyle, for such descriptive information on setting up the website. I tell you that if it was not so descriptive...I would be lost. Just want you to KNOW that your descriptions of what to do ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

All that I know to do is keep watching and keep following directions and KNOWING that it will all make sense in the end...and also learning in the process...

Sophia Alvarez
WRaleigh Premium
I would like a critique on my Home Page Title and description that I inserted in SEO General Settings>
Title : Grow Dollars - How and where to become Financially FREE

Description: As a successful entrepreneur since the 70's and online for the last 14 years I am dedicating the contents of this site to all those Internet Warriors, who wish to attain Financial Freedom and live the life they desire, for themselves and their families.

Any Comments/Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
IvyT Premium
How about:

Grow Dollars: become financially FREE at last

Description: A successful entrepreneur since the 1970s, with 14 years of online experience. Join me, if you're seeking financial freedom. Build the life you desire, for yourself and your loved ones.
WRaleigh Premium
Yes! that's a good description.Appreciate your critique.
IvyT Premium
Hey, I used my funny little tablet to respond to you, and the swype-autocorrect flipped 'financially' into financial. Also a double 'the'. ARGH. Edited now. Sorry!