Ok, let's get started with SEO Site Checkup. Here is what you can expect. SEO your website content can help your site visitors find your great content. You're going to learn how to rank higher than your competition in search results. What if you could inspire life into a dead article that got buried in cyberspace; Would you?

Gotta Get Started

At the very least, you're going to need to learn some basic search engine optimization. You want to capture your reader’s attention. As a figure of speech, you want to be on the same page as your target audience.

You Want to be on The Same Page

Do you know how Internet websites, images, pages, or all web content gets ranked #1? Have you ever thought about it? How are they selected for their page position, or what goes into deciding what content is placed on the first page of any users search result?

I was curious, so I conducted my own search research. I'm laughing out loud because I dissected and studied this topic in great detail. I was able to gain an enormous amount knowledge after I opened it up and laid it out on these pages. I executed an extensive investigation of its matrix like I was performing an autopsy or operation.

This training will help you get a better understanding and expectation of optimizing all your web content. Also, in this tutorial, I'm going to share with you a process that will show you how to increase your content search result position. You will discover how to get swarms of free organic traffic to your website, using the efficiency of a search engines retrieval system.

Benefits will come from every single page you create for your website, but only if you follow the search engine guidelines. Therefore, you are going to see how to implement an effective SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign, one that will take your CMS or WordPress website up a few notches, hopefully to the top of the chart. Before you know it, you'll be saying "All Eyes On Me".

Gotta know Right from Wrong

You get to choose from a collection of black or white hats; What's your selection?
Pick from the right rack, get rewarded a visual satisfaction.

To take the search engine friendly approach, white hat SEO would be my recommendation, folks. I heard it's the safer path for learning optimization, preventing and avoiding violations.

WARNING! Depending on your situation, you better have some patients. Complaining about Google - aren't we unfair? by Jovo

What You Need To Complete This Course
I want you to get the most from this information. Here is a list of items you are going to need in order to successfully complete this course.

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Notepad/Notebook

These items will become your best friend though-out your learning. Some of our best ideas slip past us when we are the least prepared. Write your ideas down as they come to you, on your hand, arm, or shirt if you have to. You will thank yourself for doing this later.

  • Wealthy Affiliate Free Keyword Tool ~ For Dominating your Competition
  • AskThePublic Search Engine ~ For seeking out Long-tail Keywords
  • Google Trend ~ For staying fresh.
  • KeywordShitter ~ For brainstorming ideas.

Good Idea "Bookmark/Share Great Resources"

I'm not trying to be pushy and force this on you, but it is the most trustworthy, up-to-date, and highly recommend SEO practices in use today.

I going to be comprehensive with the content I'm sharing in this tell-all SEO guideline. In other words, I am going to be intrusive by asking/answering questions, giving quizzes, and testing to see if you are getting the best value for your time invested.

Whenever possible, I'll provide the sources from where I gathered the facts in this document. You may want to bookmark this article for easy access in the future; This Guide will be updated regularly for performance and accuracy.

Comments Are Welcomed
I invite and ask for all comments. If you don't understand a topic or the way I explain the subject, please ask me to elaborate on the details.

Should you find a mistake I've made, please bring it to my attention so it can be corrected. If for any reason you don't like the information, my training, facts, process, or any part of this product, please leave your opinion in the comment section below.

I hope you are able to use this guide to achieve positive Internet business results. If so, sharing this post will allow more people to become aware of it. Please, share this information with everyone. Clicking on the like button motivates and encourages me to continue making this training. I thank you for your attendance.

Up Next ~ What is SEO? Some Effort Only

Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success. Scott Adams

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Genelda Premium
Interesting. Thanks!
seconds2work Premium
Did you have any questions?
Genelda Premium
A bunch but can't decide which one to ask first. My main concern atm is the index error I am getting on one of my websites. I'm running through previous videos to try and fix it. I did delete one URL that doesn't exist anymore, the old pp. Cross fingers as I have resubmitted.

AND the rich snippets/structured data errors... AH! >.>

I am also trying to get the link building down pat. The backlinks, I have begun doing it.

As for SEO, I don't have to fill in the meta keyword? Just the title meta tag... correct?

I have much to learn still yet!
seconds2work Premium
For what I understand, Google is not using the meta keywords; but other search engines may still be using it. I am doing more research on which search engines are still using it.
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
Awesome post and many thanks for taking the time to put this tutorial together
I have save this for further careful study mabe over the w/e
best wishes and many thanks again
seconds2work Premium
Thanks for bookmarking it. As I stated, there is a lot of getting started things you can do to boost your traffic. I will be adding and updating the tutorial. I want to put in as a section about Panda, Fred, Penguin, and any other algorithm Google has.
Kav Premium
Thanks for a great article. what are doorway pages under SEO violations? I have also heard of orphaned pages, what does it mean?
seconds2work Premium
Doorway pages are a trick used by shady online marketers, bloggers, and website owners to maximize their search footprint. You may have heard it call webspam or others names.

Some people create multiple pages and submit them to be indexed by search engines. These pages repeat generic keyword terms over and over. The sole purpose is to get the search engine to rank the page high in the user search results.

This is a black hat SEO technique that renderers the search engines results useless to the user. Each page that the user clicks on from the search results, will lead them to a specific product and the same destination.

This technique floods the user search results with two options; accept my content or rephrase your search term. Most of the time the content offered is of little value or not relevant at all.

I believe Google started cracking down on this form of optimization back in 2014. Here's a link if you would like to learn more about doorway pages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doorway_page. I hope I was able to answer your question. Let me know, yes or know.
Fmarabate Premium
Thanks for this training. I picked up several things that I need to remember when determining my keywords. Also, like the links to the different tools. Still, need to try them all out, but it is great to learn what is available.
seconds2work Premium
Thank for checking out the training, I'm glad you were able to pick up a few tips. There's a lot more I need to add into this training, like analysts, off page optimization, and more.
Fmarabate Premium
I will be looking forward to it.

Thanks again.
McWord Premium
Nice training! Thanks for sharing!!

seconds2work Premium
thank you
akollor123 Premium
Don't want to be picky here... Under What You Need To Complete This Course...
These items will become your best friend thought-out your learning.

Must read...
These items will become your best friend through-out your learning.


seconds2work Premium
Thank you, Sidney. I hope you find the tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask me.