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Want to boost your chances to get higher traffic?

Want to even outrank higher DA websites in some keywords'? If yes, this is for you!!!

The Silo Structure

Sure, you might have an "okay" website. But what if it could be better? What if it could be amazing?

Siloing is a technique that can create a more organized website. This will help your site rank better on Google, and it will also help your visitors navigate your website more easily.

This video explains exactly how to build a silo structure website and help your website rank better on Google and other search engines!

Let me know what you think!

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Fleeky Premium Plus
Great reference also to the software you are using!
Trully helpful in organising a website almost instantly.
Thank you

It has been great to see your expertise at work. Trully stunning

My referrals started with a website in my own language... less competitions
My advice to,thank,you
I-Pedro-I Premium Plus
Hey Fleeky,

when you say "software" do you mean Funnelytics?

It's good to get a birds-eye of what we are planning.

What's your language?
Did you feel like it was easier to rank content in your natural language vs English?

Fleeky Premium Plus
Yes Funnelysyics is Fantastic
Great instrument for professionals
(Just does not work fully on tablets and mobiles)

My blogs in my,own language are flying
Nothing doing

All the efforts in english seem past due to me
Just concetrating on my own now

I-Pedro-I Premium Plus
What is your natural language / where are you from?

I'm Portuguese and live in Portugal.
RajratnaS1 Premium
Very useful lesson. Thank you!
I-Pedro-I Premium Plus
Glad you found it useful

Thank you
hanley Premium Plus
Great value however I got lost between posts and pages>
Will watch again.

Peter H
I-Pedro-I Premium Plus
Hi Pete, thank you.

The main difference between posts and pages is that in pages you can't get comments.

You should use pages for a unidirectional type of content

about me / privacy / sales page's / courses

Since you can't assign a category to.a page you need to manually add them to the menu.

I should have created one in the site example, sorry!