Almost everyone wants their sites, blogs, videos and other content to be seen by others. When we make something and upload it to the Internet we hope other people will read it, watch it and in some way get our piece of information.

As Internet Marketers we want to make something that is useful and at the same time help us make money. If it is our own product or a product we promote as an affiliate we all want to be seen by others since they are potential customers.

People find their information on Internet in various ways, it can be a link they got in their e-mail, on some of the social medias like Facebook or Twitter or a commercial on TV and other places just to mention a few. However the search engines is still the most widely used way to find information on Internet.

Google is the company with the mostly used search engine in US alone it has a market share of more than 65% of all searches made on Internet. Outside the US it´s even bigger and globally more than 80% of all searches are made on Google.

Google wants to deliver quality to it´s users, because they make a lot of money on their search engine, they are selling ads that people might click on instead of the “natural” search results. If you search for a phrase like “baby clothes” you can see the different commercials on the picture below. What´s inside the red drawing is ads that Google make money from.

The results inside the green drawing is "natural" search results based on Google´s search algorithms. These are the results that you may achieve without paying google for ad space.

On the right side you see a map of places where they are selling baby clothes. Maps and localization is going to be one SEO factor that we will cover in more detail later in this training.

So as you see for popular search terms Google own the majority of the space above the fold (what you can see on your screen without scrolling down).

Underneath the search term “baby clothes” you can see related and frequent search terms related to the one you have entered. This is very useful since those search terms can be useful keywords that you can use for your blog or website. Kyle covers this in detail here at WA in Mastering the Keyword Research Process.

Now lets take a look at the next important part content!

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Shawn Martin Premium
Nice tutorial!
hgustavs Premium
Thanks everyone, I´m glad you found it useful. I would like to add some more on SEO I hope I get time for it soon.
David_S Premium
Definitely very useful and I wish to add that people who think they can game SEO results or try to fool Google with old techniques are in for a rude awakening. Be care with SEO and stay steady on your path to rankings. Do not rush them and stay consistent.
theranman Premium
Thanks Henning. This is very helpful and easy to comprehend.
Hudson Premium
Very useful, thanks for taking the time to do this for us,
m.rathod Premium
Easy WP SEO sounds promising, will try it out, thanks for the tip!