Case studies are also a good way to get backlinks.

In short, if your content is a useful resource for your audience, then your chances of getting backlinks increase.

Send creative emails

Link building means that you should contact the authors and editors of other blogs and ask them to link to you.

You can't just ask people to link to you without giving them a good reason.

Give something of value

If you also offer something of value, your chances of getting a backlink increase. You could offer him a resource that adds value to his blog or free content through a guest post.

Remember, things like exchanging links for money or exchanging excessive links

is against Google's Guidelines. The same goes for sending products to a person in exchange for a backlink.

Strategies that work well in link building

1) Guest Blogging or Guest Author

Guest blogging refers to when you create content for another website.

The reason this strategy works is because there is a clear exchange of value. Webmasters get great content for free, and you should almost always be able to get a link to your blog; either in the content or in the author's biography.

Guest Blogging Steps:

>> Find blogs on your subject

>> Contact them by offering to write for them on an interesting topic

>> Write the article and leave a backlink to the page that we want to position.

2) LinkBuilding on resource pages

This is another strategy that works well when it comes to link building. It is about including a link to your website in the lists made by webmasters.

Link building strategy listings

You can contact bloggers by writing an email and explaining who you are and what your blog consists of, so they will have unique material to include in the list. Before sending them an email, it would be good if you started a previous contact with them on social networks.

You can find these types of articles by doing a simple Google search and varying the words related to your sector.

seo search commands

So that you understand these commands and vary the keywords to your liking, I will explain what they consist of:

Command "intitle: best-blogs" .

We are telling Google to only show us results whose 'title' tag shows the words "Best Blogs". The hyphen between those two words is put because spaces cannot exist. Spaces are represented by a hyphen.

Command "inurl: marketing.html".

With this command, we are telling Google to show us only the results that we saw in the previous point and whose url includes the word marketing. This is where we must vary the most relevant keywords in our sector.

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