This attribute is used when the webmaster who places that link does not want his website to be related to the linked page.

This attribute is recommended to be added when the links are placed by users of a certain website, such as a forum.


This is the attribute that Google recommends when it is a paid link, that is, it is not that it prohibits the purchase of links but rather that it says that we must notify that it is a purchase with the 'sponsored' attribute.

In any case, Google has said that it will consider these link attributes as "suggestions"

that is, they can transfer authority through them at their discretion.

If a link does not have the 'rel' attribute

The most common is to find links that do not have any 'rel' attribute. If a link does not have any of these "rel" values, then it will be called a "dofollow" link, that is, the link can pass PageRank and help improve ranking.

The location of the links

Another thing I want to mention is the location of the links.

A link that is placed within an article is more likely to be clicked , and Google is believed to take this into account when determining how much authority a link transfers. For example, an editorial link is more likely to be clicked than a link in the footer.

So all things being equal, the former would be better than the latter.

Alright, by now, you should have an overview of the most

important aspects of link building. However, as I already mentioned above, a creative part is also required:

Generate linkable content.

Send creative emails.

With enough willpower and determination, it is possible to create links to any type of page.

But life is so much easier when you have something that people really want to bond with. So let's talk about content first.

Linkable content features

There are a couple of key attributes that bindable content has.

1) It is not commercial.

Commercial content, such as category pages in an ecommerce store or sales pages, are more difficult to get links to. Why? Because nobody wants to contribute money to your bank account without some type of compensation or at least, have first-hand experience of your products or services.

So by creating highly useful non-commercial content, you are creating something that is more likely to get a backlink. This brings us to the second attribute.

2) It is useful.

People want to link to useful content because it directs their audience to resources that complement yours. Helpful content can take different forms. For example:

Well-written, factual blog articles can get a lot of backlinks.

The resources of your theme can also generate many links: templates, tests, infographics, tools.

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I found this more educative.

Thanks for sharing.

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Aluko, thanks for going through my link building tutorial and I'm glad how educative you found it.
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Thank you Ken,

Guest posting is a strategy that has stayed the test of time. It is of mutual benefit to both parties. Good job
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There are great benefits behind this. Thanks for your contribution Ayodeji. I appreciate.
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When you are a new website it is VERY difficult to get backlinks! In my niche there seems to be no one to link to or who wants links. I have been advised not worry about them for now!
Thank you for the train anyways!
Keny44 Premium
This training is meant for every website owner and not limited to new websites. Your experience could be different from others.

In this training, I advised you build relationship first with people before demanding to link with them.

Thanks for stopping by.
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"In this training, I advised you build relationship first with people before demanding to link with them."

I understand. I don't " demand" anything! That would be rude!

I challenge you to find backlinks for my website! If you can I will sing your praises and admit I was wrong! If not, no harm done! My website is on my profile. (I just followed you!)

Maybe I just don't know what I am looking for! Any advice is welcome!

My niche is gifts. For example "Gifts For Gardner's, Cool Gifts For Teens, that sorta of thing.
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