2 Buy backlinks.

You pay a certain money to a webmaster so that he places a link on his website.

However, this practice is against Google guidelines . If Google detects that a website has bought links, it can penalize it by removing it directly from its index of results.

3) Earn links.

This tactic is mainly based on sending emails to other people and seeing if they can want to link to you.

This is the most difficult technique to get backlinks because it is not limited to a simple email of a type.

However, this is the most effective technique since:

The harder a link is to come by, the more value it will have in terms of SEO.

Later we will see how those emails should be and to whom we should send them but first we will see something very important.

The 2 main factors that make a good backlink.

>>The relevance

By relevance I mean that they are of the same theme. Example: if you have a plant ecommerce, a link from a gardening website will have much more value than a link from a technology website.

>>The authority

The authority of a web page is the very essence of how the most important part of the Google algorithm works.

All websites have a certain authority which Google calls Pagerank. That authority or pagerank can be transferred to another website.


Suppose a website has 2 backlinks from two different websites (A and B).

Web A has higher authority and fewer outbound links, so its authority is not diluted too much. Web B has less authority and more outbound links so its "little authority" is spread across all those outbound links.

That said, our backlink from web A will give us much more authority than our link from web B.

This is how the Google Pagerank algorithm works. Our efforts should be aimed at getting backlinks from websites with the strongest authority possible. However, Google does not offer metrics of the authority of a website.

Anatomy of a backlink and the impact each part has on SEO.

In the html code of a link we can differentiate 3 different parts:

1) The destination url where we will send people who click on that link.

2) The "rel" attribute.

3) The anchor text which is the part of text that will be visible and on which it can be clicked.

In our example, "Google guidelines" would be our 'Anchor text'.

Google looks at 'anchor text' to understand what a web page is about. For this reason, many webmasters abuse the use of keywords in anchor text. However, this abuse can be detected by Google as an unnatural link scheme and can penalize us.

1) The brand or name of the website.

2) The full web address (the url).

3) The title of the web.

4) Words like "click here".

'Rel attribute'

The 'rel' attribute refers to the relationship between the link and the linked page. The 3 "rel" values ​​that you should know when we talk about link building are:

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I found this more educative.

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Aluko, thanks for going through my link building tutorial and I'm glad how educative you found it.
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Thank you Ken,

Guest posting is a strategy that has stayed the test of time. It is of mutual benefit to both parties. Good job
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When you are a new website it is VERY difficult to get backlinks! In my niche there seems to be no one to link to or who wants links. I have been advised not worry about them for now!
Thank you for the train anyways!
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This training is meant for every website owner and not limited to new websites. Your experience could be different from others.

In this training, I advised you build relationship first with people before demanding to link with them.

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"In this training, I advised you build relationship first with people before demanding to link with them."

I understand. I don't " demand" anything! That would be rude!

I challenge you to find backlinks for my website! If you can I will sing your praises and admit I was wrong! If not, no harm done! My website is on my profile. (I just followed you!)

Maybe I just don't know what I am looking for! Any advice is welcome!

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