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Easy Google/Bing Verification with AIO (All-in-One) SEO Plug-in

We seems to still get questions on Google and Bing website verification, so I thought another quick video on how this is done would help.

Most folks seem to be sticking the wrong information within the boxes of AIO or simply don't know that it exists.

So, here, I'll show exactly what to do, step-by-step and exactly what to put in the wee boxes.

Just in case you don't have the links for Google and Bing, here they are:

Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

Bing Webmaster Tools


You should create a "property" for both the "WWW." version of your domain name AND the non-WWW version. This video only shows the non-www version. But, Google suggests doing both. I do this in both Google webmaster tools and Bing - for both versions.

Just run through this process again - but, add "" as the URL. Skip the part where you copy the verification code - it will be the same one - just immediately click verify and submit the sitemap again.

I hope this helps clarify this critical step.

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KJ71 Premium
thanks PJ! soooo much easier than going FTP or meta route! unfortunately, I learned the hard way. Great training!
PjGermain Premium
LOL! But, now you're an expert Kevin!! You know BOTH ways!
Brooklyn2008 Premium
I followed your steps and stil did it wrong! lol But I got it now. it's all good! :P
Thanks Peej!!
PjGermain Premium
LMAO!!! You're so adorable Brook!
wrs Premium
Peej, thanks so much for such an informative tutorial. Very easy to follow and do, which I did. Quick question about Pinterest site verificaton? in the AIO general settings menu, under webmaster verification, there's a box for Pinterest site verification. I thought this interesting since I've add Facebook, Twitter and Google+ information at the appropriate places in AIO social meta. What information should I add for Pinterest? Is this a topic for further training? A couple more tutorial modules and you'll be challenging Kyle for the #1 ranking.
PjGermain Premium
That's an older box, really. Pinterest used to make it easy for site verification, but they (Pinterest) change that not too long ago and the last time I researched, there was no obvious way to enable that function. So, on most of my websites, I leave that blank.
Brookline Premium
Thank you for unravelling the mysterious Twins!
Much more confident now in getting it all right.
PjGermain Premium
Awesome, David! Thanks much for the feedback!
The-Fran Premium
Terrific. Yes lots of queries on this. Favorited and tagged for future reference—the next time I see this question, PJ. Thanks. :))
PjGermain Premium
Excellent! Thanks a bunch Fran!!!