Down below you can see the 9 numbers and each number is associated with more than one letter from the alphabet.



5+5+1+3+2+8+7 = 31 = 3+1 = 4 1+6+6+9+3+9+1+2+5 = 42 = 4+2 = 6

4+ 6 = 10 = 1

You can easily follow in how it is done. I have established the vibration of WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Each name, of course, has its own numerological vibration, but together I came up with the number 1, and in my opinion it could be any better. Good choice on the name Kyle & Carson. :)

Find the according value of each number on the internet

The name Wealthy Affiliate so far carries the vibration of the number 1, which I won’t go any deeper because this is not a numerology course I am giving, but you certainly can get more information on the internet.

When you are doing this, you also can go with variations like:

  • Use all your middle names
  • Use your nickname
  • Use the short version of your full first name
  • Use your maiden name and see what might have changed since you got your married name
  • Use your double name, only when you have kept your maiden name in front of your married name

Each combination of names carries its own numerological value and when you are really curious if there are any differences, like I said, you will find the answers on the internet.

This sometimes can be important when it comes to find a new domain name, or how to name your business in general.

Sometimes a slight change can have a huge impact of creating a powerful name which suits your interest and lifestyle.

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theresroth Premium
Thank you Sylvia!
Numerology fascinates me, including it's application to determine the energies within us as individuals.....
kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks Therese, it is always great to hear from people who do know about Numerology. :)
LesleyHamlin Premium
Hi Sylvia,
I love numerology. I took the above chart and used my full maiden (given) name to find my special traits (talent) number.
The result is six letters representing the number 5 ......

"Five 5’s or more (above average): You are likely to be a bit of a maverick who enjoys travelling and meeting people. If you have a lot of fives you may be easily distracted and often accused of having too many projects going at one time. Staying in one place bores you."

Amazing ! Easily distracted and too many projects going at one time is most definitely me.
kiliwia62 Premium
Yup, you certainly would benefit from a strong 4, just saying :)
4's are in many ways very disciplined and focused. :)
Btw, my Life Path is a 5, so I do know what you are saying.
gardenguy Premium
Sylvia........what does the accumulative number 8 from my name mean? Am I doomed?
kiliwia62 Premium
Of course not Wayne.
8's are born Leaders. So, it is important to take on any kind of leadership. In your family, circle of friends, or in your job.

The number 8 also represent the symbol of infinity.
gardenguy Premium I'm going to live forever? Fantastic......just a little bit of humor. Thank you Sylvia. I used my middle name w/ my first and last and it came out "8".
PIOFJR Premium
Interesting! How I wish I could vibe the lottery number using this formula. :) Thanks Sylvia.
kiliwia62 Premium
Well, this unfortunately isn't the case, not saying that it isn't possible. :)
BradyHarness Premium
Thanks most interesting.
kiliwia62 Premium
You are welcome.