There are a couple of other columns that I have not added on the training and this is with good reason.

One is for the inbound links. These are something to check later on when the post or page has traffic and the chance is higher for other sites to link to you.. This can be checked using Google Webmaster Tools.

The other one I did not mention was Embedded Videos.. Personally as of this moment I do not have Videos on my site, but it will be something for me to look at as time goes on.

Of course if these columns apply to you, feel free to use them!

Like I say, I have this template to hand, so if you have found this checklist useful and you want to have it.. let me know and I will get it to you.. Ideally .. send me a private message here on WA... Title it WA Template... and leave your email address... It is an excel file and I cannot post it on here.. email is better :)

If you put in place all these areas, then you will stand a better chance of increased rankings!

If you prefer to make your own template then that is fine too.

And hey, if you found all of this useless, then I will say no more :)

Thanks for reading.. and let me know if there is something you need!


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startouched Premium
Thanks for sharing this, Chris.
It looks very useful!
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Thanks Kathy .. your welcome :)
Karax Premium
thanks Chris, useful stuff!
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Glad you find it helpful :)
spurway Premium Plus
thanks for sharing
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Welcome :)
AlejandraB Premium
I agree with you, Jay's webinars has helped me a lot with my "to do list" before publish any blog post.
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Yeah me too .. I swear by his training.. I never miss any of them :) the guy is a legend!
amgolf Premium
This is the great training about planning before writing all.
Planing decrease time to work 10x.
Thank you for your dedication.