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I created a training video a while back on pinning affiliate links to Pinterest, but as with most things online everything changes over time and that video is not outdated and that method no longer works.

(Thanks Hindy for making me aware and sharing how to pin now!)

This video shows you how to pin affiliate links in 2019.

Here is the affiliate disclosure that I use in this video as taken from the Amazon page giving the guidelines for affiliate marketing on social media:

‘The links used are affiliate links. By buying through the links I may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you.’

And here is the training video showing you how to download and use the Pin It Button.

If you are interested in gaining more traffic on Pinterest here are all the training videos I have done for Pinterest to date:

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And a new training video:

Pinterest Keyword Research

If you have any questions about this video, or Pinterest, let me know in the comments and I will help you if I can!

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MBroyles Premium
I can't get the website that is below the description to come up. What am I doing wrong?
Hackerist Premium
Hi Myra,
Do you refer to tagline? The tagline is a brief description of what your site is about. If so, did you go to "Settings" (left side) and entered your site tagline in the "Tagline" box located underneath the "Site Title"? if so, clear your site cache and delete your browser's cookies and history.
Hope this helps,
ECV82 Premium
Very informative! I've only just started using Pinterest so this training is very timely for me.
LynneHuy Premium
Pinterest is amazing! Enjoy :)
Ahimbe Premium
This is a great video. I have not started using Pinterest but I know I will need this video at that stage.
LynneHuy Premium
Pinterest is amazing Edgar :) It is my favorite social network at the moment.
Ahimbe Premium
That is my target this week. To have it activated.
tedcrisell Premium
Thank you!!
You are great!!
God bless!!!
apache1 Premium
Hi Lynne

Thank you for that shame it takes a touch longer but at least it works.

Just a quick question is there a limit on the number of pins you can do in a day?

LynneHuy Premium
Hi Andre

I think as with any social network there is an algorithm. So if you sign up today and create 1000 pins today your account will probably be marked as a spam account. But if you are an established account and you regularly pin a lot you will be able to pin a lot.

I'm not so sure that pinning a lot every day is really worth your time or effort - it is better to create quality content and share that regularly and build up your account.

I don't always get the time to pin affiliate links to Pinterest but when I do I maybe do up to 3 pins a day and share those to a few boards. I don't like to overdo it.
apache1 Premium
Thank Lynne that is what I was thinking just wanted to make sure.

Yes, creating quality content is first the rest will follow. I don't use it as much as before it is already established but a few pins here and there during the week would be fine.

It would most likely be the same with the other media sites and definitely posting even 50 a day would be considered as spam that is how I would take it if I saw someone do that.

Thanks for your prompt reply Lynne enjoy the rest of your day.

Wishing you continue success.

GlenPalo Premium
Excellent update, Lynne. Thanks!
LynneHuy Premium
It's a pleasure Glen :) and thanks to Hindy!!