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Having trouble finding topics for your niche? or do you need to find out the latest gossip on a particular product or service? Let Google News send you exactly the news you need for a specific topic.

I suggest watching the video first so you can get an idea of what I will be talking about below.

The main features to concentrate on are the following:

The Google Personalize News Panel - This is where you will be able to add and delete topics you want shown on your Google News page. You will also be able to select the amount of topics received for that specific topic.

The Suggested for You Tab - You may allow Google to suggest topics for you based on similar topics you have picked.

The Topic Tab Sliders - You can adjust the amount of news articles fed into your Google home page.

At the bottom of the Google News Panel you will find a link that says Advanced>>. That link is for advanced users that have more experience using Google News. For now I suggest learning the basics that I teach you in the video to get an understanding of how it all works. If you found this training useful please click on the like button below or leave a comment. Thanks for watching!


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kiliwia62 Premium
Very good information on how to do it. thanks for sharing.
TonyMonzon Premium
thanks kiliwia62, i'm glad you liked it. ;0)