Step 2: Choose Pay Per Call Affiliate Network

The choice is very important but picking the right one is the best decision to take. Many affiliate marketing is not equal in terms of opportunity, joining many will expose you to their benefits to discover the best offers.

Here are the programs:

1. 33 Mile Radius

2. RingPartner

The Signal of a Good Offer

We have the best indicator to judge an offer. Check the list of what to consider: Duration Based Payout vs Revenue Share

There are more than enough models which affiliate networks adopt to calculate revenue to give out: The pay-out determines by the call that exceeds duration, it always around 90 seconds, the payment comes when the affiliate network receives payment.

It is the best thing to discuss and negotiate the revenue share of the affiliate networks. You will decide to choose a higher payout.

The Coverage Area and Consistency

Offers may be very lucrative with better payout but, it is very important to consider the coverage but some may lack the actual consistency.

We have an offer that buyers lead is paused by the purchase almost every week, which means changing the target is the solution because exceeding the target is quite possible. Restrictions make it difficult to get the needed calls as expected. Choose the best coverage nationwide and have a minimum of 40 thousand zip codes for better coverage.

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Parameter Premium
Hi Emimos,

Wahooo, the concept of PPC is one that I am still trying to get abreast with, but the way you explained, I now know what the watch out for
emimos12 Premium
We have many affiliate marketing platforms to check, if they are what they call themselves, going for the best is the best decision one can take.Enjoy your day and rock higher in online business
emimos12 Premium
In this season we are,play safe.