At this stage of the course you should have your website created! Congratulations, this is a big accomplishment!

Looking back to 2002 when I started my career in Online Business it took me 30 days just to figure out how to build a website. There definitely weren't any platforms like the Website platform you have access to here. What takes 30 seconds now, took 30 days back then.

How things have changed!

In this lesson we are going to be walking you through the process of the initial website set-up. This includes the removal of "default" content that is installed with every website as well as a look around of the back office of your website.

Additionally, I am also going to be walking you through the activation of your "Plugins" and be walking you through the benefits of the plugins (feature extensions) that have been installed automatically with your website.

Below is a video walk-through showing you the process of setting up your website. Click play to watch the "Setting Up Your Niche Website - The Initial Steps" video below.


Task 1: Login Into Your Website Back Office

In order to do this, you need to log into your website. This is very easy to do and can be done using the "Log In!" button (as shown below).

This will automatically show you all your users you have associated with your website and from there you can log into your website.

No more need for manual logins and the passwords within your account are encrypted and secured using SiteRubix technology!

You can also find your website login details, username, and password within the Details link on your SiteManager dashboard.

Task 2: Activate and Update Your Plugins

After you login, you will see your Wordpress administration dashboard for your website (see below).

This may look completely foreign to you if you have never logged into a WordPress website before, but don't worry, you will get the hang of this and there is a ton of help here within the community to work you through any questions/issues you may run into.

Wordpress is the most powerful and widely used website platform in the world. It is used by over 30% of ALL websites (millions) and it also has a wide range of "add ons" known as plugins that you can use extend the functionality of your website.

When you install website here at WA we pre-install three of the most useful plugins with your website automatically and your first step is going to be activating these plugins.

You will see the All in One SEO plugin, which we will be setting up in the next lesson. This is a plugin that is going to help you get found and ranked by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You will also see the Classic Editor plugin, which is already activated. This gives you access to the classic editor when you upgrade and create posts within your back office, which is preferrable (in particular when getting started) to the new and more modular editor. It is going to make your life a lot easier and it is already set up for you so you have to do nothing from you end.

Lastly, the Kraken Image Optimization plugin is going to compress and optimize all of the images on your website automatically. This is really sophisticated and advanced platform that is going to lead to better website speeds, a better user experience, and better search engine rankings. This is already set-up optimally for you.

Task 3: Delete Default Posts, Pages and Comments

Every new Wordpress website that you install will come with "default" or dummy content that is added with every website install. You want to get rid of this content before you can start creating content that is relevant to your niche.

The first thing you want to do is delete the default post that is added with each website.

Click on the Posts button, within the side menu.

This will take you to the posts page where you will go to see a list of all the posts on your website. A post is simply a content page on your site (we will be explaining them in more detail later).

Simply "mouse over" the post area and it will reveal the post management buttons. You will want to then click the "Trash" button. This will delete the default "Hello World!" post.

Do the same with the "Pages" link as well. There may be a few different Pages, including the Privacy Policy page. You can delete all of these pages as we are going to be starting fresh with our own content and starting the build out process of this in upcoming lessons.

**Do note that there may not be both default Pages and Posts. If that is the case, just move on.

That is it for this lesson, nice work! You now have a live website that is set-up and ready to go. This is your own Internet "real estate". You will use this website to connect with your niche and ultimately earn revenue through. This website is your foundation for building a successful online business!

The next lesson we are going to be showing you how to get your website ready to rank in Google and other search engines!

If you have any questions about the set up of your website, please scroll down and leave them within the comments below.

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Tasks 0/4 completed
2. Log into your website WordPress ADMIN area
3. Activate your All in One SEO (simply click Activate)
4. Delete the default Post, Pages and Comment (if they exist)

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If I make a website through WA, and eventually want to own the domain, I will have to get the premium experience, right?

If I want to take the same website and own the domain OUTSIDE of WA, will that be possible, or is my site completely owned by WA at that point?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as a starter member, you are given 2 free websites, but they are known as subdomains, their name will end in These are not your property and cannot be transferred away from WA.

If you want to purchase the domain name, you will be buying the .com version of the name but would need to be a premium member to have it hosted here. Once you own the .com domain, it belongs to you, and you could move it away from WA.

If you start with the free site, then later purchase your own domain, it is a simple process to transfer all the content over, you don't lose any of your work.
Jeffreybs Premium
I am using Dream Host which I am very happy with and I have been with them for years, you can pay monthly less than 30.00 per month if this interests you.
Jeffreybs Premium
Why is the option to buy a domain name available before you start your training and building your website

JGregory1 Premium
I need some help please, I have a Domain name problem. First a little history… As I said in my profile I am not a very techie person. I spite of that I have been trying, for a very long time, to get something going in the Internet sales arena.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is my fourth attempt at Internet sales program. I sincerely hope that the forth time is the charm. My last attempt I was working with a person that had an Internet Marketing business. The plan was that he would build me a website and take care of all the back office stuff and teach me how to do the marketing part. I would take over the marketing function as I was able. The problem as I found out was that he knew a little bit about Internet marketing but he didn’t know anything about being an affiliate marketer. The websites he built did not qualify for either Amazon or Rakuten so we basically wasted about 18 months. Then on December 17 th. of this year, I received an email from him telling me that he was pulling the plug and shutting down his business. He said that he would send me the links that I needed to take control of the Domain name and website. I have not yet received that information. As it turned out the only good thing I got from him was that he turned me on to Wealthy Affiliate.

So here is my problem, does anyone out there know if there is a way that I can take control of the Domain Name without the links that he promised to send? I can build a new website site. I probably needed to do that anyway, but I would really like to use that Domain Name. If that isn’t possible what options do I have?

I would appreciate any help or advice that I can get.
Thank you,
John Gregory
psalisbury1 Premium
Hi John, and Welcome to our community.

Is the Domain registered in your name? If it is it already belongs to you and you can use it as you please

JGregory1 Premium
That's an interesting thought. I'm sure it is in my name. How do find out for sure one way or the other?
michaelw777 Premium
Okay, and FIRST; I STRONGLY SUGGEST THIS! Sorry about that; but I strongly suggest you do this first; talk to Site Support. Site Support is under Websites; at the bottom; I Highly suggest you talk to Site Support before doing anything. And after that; you can contact Kyle and Carson too; they are Super Pros and should be able to help with any problem; just type Kyle in the Search engine here on Wealthy Affiliate; I suggest you contact them both; as they can be very busy. But, the first thing I suggest you do is to contact Site Support; they should be able to help.
DValentine Premium
John: go to and type in the domain name you want to check.
This should reveal the website owner's name and contact details (provided your website builder has not asked for the whois info to be hidden)
Jeffreybs Premium
The problem is the domain name is in this person's name and not in your name, so you actually would need him to transfer the domain from his name to your name to be safe.

Even with the links when the domain name expires they are going to contact whoever's name is with the domain name, so you really need to have it transferred into your name for the future
OriEdelman Premium
Hi, I have a technical question/problem.
I am at lesson 8, creating custom menus.
I chose the Ryan theme in WordPress for my first website, and when I go to menus, the "add menu items" section is unattainable, I can't click the checkbox or anything there (I add a screenshot).
Does anybody know what's the deal here?
Thanks in advance :)
OriEdelman Premium
Nevermind, I missed a step...
Jayoda Premium
I like to answer for your question. In first type the menu name at the related text bar. After you can click the Add menu items.:)
OriEdelman Premium
Thanks Jayoda :)
Jeffreybs Premium
Awesome you got it fixed on your own
I originally ended up here because I was planning on doing a personal blog and was hoping to monetize it. I planned on blogging about making changes in my life to make myself happier and just to journal and keep myself accountable then hopefully help others when I come across things that work. The changes I want to make however are far ranging - like from weightloss and fitness to becoming financially... mobile?,,, wanting to work from home essentially but travelling - oh yes and travel and learning how to put on makeup because it's sad how bad I am at that. This seems not very niche like, unless it will all fit into some kind of self help/improvement category - would that be doable or should I just forget this idea and pick a lane to stay in from all of those things mentioned.
PaulWatson Premium
I think that is extremely doable - if you can discuss your own journey with tips and advice I think you can build a good following in no time.

I wish you all the best with it

LoneWolf83 Premium
The good thing is, that if you want to divide those into individual niche sites, you have plenty of room to host them here without paying extra...
J-KWest Premium
There's definitely a time and place for blogging that way, but it's not necessarily the easiest way to get traffic and monetize.

The reasons are because,

1. People are searching online for solutions to their own challenges, and...

2. People are most likely (and happy) to spend money when (and if) they find a solution to that challenge or problem... whatever that may be.

If you think of it like an "offline" business whether it's a grocery store, restaurant, hair salon, movie theater, car repair or whatever...

... they make money because they are providing a definitive value to their customers (in our case, it would be our audience).

They are solving the problem their customer wants solved.

For example, is someone needs an escape or a place to take their family or a date... a movie theater can provide that solution.

If someone's car breaks down, a repair shop is the solution.

There are certainly influencers who have become famous with social media, YouTube, or their blogs who have turned their own stories into financial success so I don't want to discourage you from going in that direction. And without question it can be a lot more fun and easier to write about our own lives.

But from a making money standpoint, like an "offline" business, it's a lot easier when we can identify a specific challenge or problem that a particular audience (online they are often referred to as your tribe) needs help with, and then help them solve it.
thelungdoc Premium
I think this is a great niche! I would be interested in how you manage time, exercise, family.

Just think of some of the ways you could monetize - there are all kinds of YouTube videos of people even with much narrower focus like how to journal, time management, clutter in the house. Books have been written on each of these topics.

You could monetize with time planners, write an ebook about how hints to manage a household, what makes you happy, weight loss. The list is endless.

The hardest thing will be to get some good content into your site first. You have to have a good number of solid blogs to have some gravitas and show people you are an expert. It is hard to first figure out what really interests you and research and write.

I have found this to be a really great way to organize information. All your blogs will be searchable, and a good place to keep lots of information - like your favorite sites, sources, books, recipes, a source for help at home, etc.

Hope this helps.

Jeffreybs Premium
I started out with a personal blog many years ago, and as time went on companies started asking me to promote their products on my blog so follow your heart is what I recommend
avelinak Premium
Hello everyone,
In the video, as shown in the attached screenshot, on the homepage there is a space for a picture to the left of the About Kyle summary. However, on my website, as you can see in the second screenshot, there is no such space.
Can somebody explain why this is and how I should fix it?

ronnytan Premium
the themes you choose (might be) not support the featured image..

If you want to have the same like Kyle, you can change your themes to Hiero.

Hope it helps
avelinak Premium
Ok, thanks very much for your help!
ronnytan Premium
Welcome! All the best!
BvVugt Premium
Every theme has different layouts, or different ways to customize the layout. If you add a feature image, it might not be to the left like on Kyle's site, but above your post.

Try adding a feature image to your post and see where your theme shows it. You might even prefer it the way your current theme does it. If not, switch themes.
avelinak Premium
OK thanks, I'll try that and see.
Jeffreybs Premium
Very good avice
Jeffreybs Premium
Good Luck,
Play around with the theme and see if it works for your niche and your own taste