Today is going to your first introduction to proper organization on your website. One thing that we always need to remember is that we are building our websites for PEOPLE, and our visitors and how someone would view our content and our navigation is what should dictate how we present our content.

In other words, if your website is difficult to navigate, people simply won't. The may read your content, and then just move onto another website. You can increase your website "page views" and overall website revenue if you understand proper navigiation

Introducing "Custom" Menus in Wordpress.

The default Wordpress menus work in very strange ways and can be quite awkward. Typically when you add a page, it automatically goes to the main menu. A post, will go to the homepage blog roll (not the main menu).

As a website owner, you want FULL control of your navigation as your theme by default won't do a very good job of this. Fortunately, it is quite straightforward to create Custom Menus.

Navigation is going to be a critical element to your user experience moving forward and will impact your rankings (as Google ranks sites with proper navigation better), so this is an important step here.

I have created a"Creating Custom Menus, Navigation, & Widgets" video walking you through the process of creating custom menus. You can check it out below.


Task 1: Create a Menu

There are a few simple steps to creating a custom menu. The first thing you need to understand is where to find the Menu management section within your Wordpress admin area.

Under the Appearance, click the Menus sub heading.

This will take you to the custom menu creator.

Under the left tab, you are going to see a Posts section. Posts are not added to your navigation by default, so you are going to need to click the Posts tab and it will show a list of your Posts.

In this case, we have only create the About Me post. Click the check box associated with that, and then click the Add to Menu.

**Note: Most themes by default will add Pages to the top menu, but if you don't see your Privacy Policy within the Menu Structure section, you will need to add that.

Your About Me page has now been added to your menu structure (as shown below).

Once added to your Menu Structure, you can reorganize your menu in any way you like by dragging and dropping them. In this case, I am going to add my About Kyle post above the Privacy Policy, which is going to put it to the "left" of this within the live menu on my website. So in essence, I am ordering my pages here.

Upon completing my menu order, click the "Create Menu" button and you will establish your new menu.

After you have done this, you are going to want to add your newly created menu to your website, to override the Main Menu on your site. You are going to see a new tab created after you have created your new menu called "Manage Locations".

You will want to click this tab, and then under the "Main Menu" item you are going to choose the menu you just created, in this case it is called "Main Menu". After doing that click Save Changes. You are set!

For example purposes, here is what my live website looks like with my newly updated menu.

You can see the order of the menu items and that my "About Kyle" post comes before the "Privacy Policy" post.

And we are done. It is as simple as that and as we continue to build out our website, we are going to be reorganizing our websites regularly, managing this menu and likely creating "sub menus" which we will be getting into later as we have more content on our websites.

Nice work thus far!

Tasks 0/2 completed
2. Create a Custom Menu on Your Website

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chris2112 Premium
After viewing Keyword video and finding some great keywords/phrases, do I put these in the "tags" field on a post or in the "Focus Keyphrase" field in the AIOSEO section below the Post contents area? In other words, where do put the keywords to improve SEO? And, THANKS for answering my previous questions.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, once you have settled on your keywords you would include them in title and again in first or second paragraph then write freely. Some members would also include it again in towards bottom to conclude articles if it fits a purpose or conveys a message.

One keyword per post and so on so forth.
IvanBroz Premium
Focus Keyphrase in AIOSEO allows you to track the performance of your keyword in your post. It does not improve your SEO per se. As AbieAJ said, you should put your keywords in the title of your post, the first paragraph to improve your SEO. You can also include them in the headings and sprinkle them across the copy if it feels natural.
I've been watching some post on "niche". I saw some comments where some members have the same idea , niche or target I want to go after? How does that work? will it create a conflict of interest on this web affiliation page? Can two members target the exact niche??? BTW, I am new so these are questions that are starting to pop-up in my mind. Thanks.
jghwebbrand Premium
Of course more than one person can choose the same niche. You will not create a conflict because you are both doing individual website and you both will not think the same and present your niche in the same way. Decide who your audience is and go for it.
Goran888 Premium
jghwebbrand Premium
You are very welcome.
AshiaR Premium
First off I want to say how amazing this site is...seriously there are so many out there that don't offer 1/3 of WA and want hundreds of dollars and or don't care if you make it or not....Next I want to focus on my financial goals in stages.. Stage 1 make enough money to pay my current bills and budget. After that "Swing Away Merrill". No cheating..anyone know What movie that quote is from???
jghwebbrand Premium
We are excited your found WA. Your blog comments are really neat! It is great to hear what outsiders have to say when they find WA. We like this program very much. We have been here over 10 years and without it we would not be successful. It has what we need for success in its volumes of training, the keyword research tool and support (community and Site Support) 24 x 7.

Thanks for sharing your goals. They are very doable if you do the training and apply it.

We are a very friendly and active community. We like to help people succeed. If you have questions while doing the training you can ask them in the comments section after each lesson.

We wish you much success.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi it is Signs (2002) - Awesome show.

However welcome to WA and our community and most definitely. Kindly let us know when needing help or having further questions.
Good luck
hectorbenito Premium
Hello mates!!

My website is yet done out of the web builder before start this wealth affiliate course.
My Wordpress blog has Yoast SEO plugIn.
I am installing the All in one SEO plug In according to the wealth affiliate training.
Is there some conflict between these two plug ins ?
Could maintain both activated at the same time?
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you can't have 2 SEO plugins, they will conflict with each other. If you are familiar with Yoast, there is no reason to change it to All in One. They are very similar.
I am looking at a lot of comments below. And it seems like a lot of us have pieces of the puzzle. But we need help putting the pieces together. I like the checklist idea. I like it because it is orderly. Without a checklist, it is very easy for the frustration level to go high, and even give up. Don't give up now. The phrase I like to use is, Pick a dream...and GO FOR IT! Good luck to EVERYONE.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Awesome thoughts and message to the community, thank you for your contributions.
jghwebbrand Premium
Yes, We agree the pieces need to fit together. That is why I believe Kyle tells everyone to follow the training step by step and do each lesson because it is purposefully ordered and taught.

In case you want to see all free lessons in one link, here you go. The community blog section here will naturally have bits and pieces because it only addresses the questions people have as they go through the training lesson by lesson and step by step.

We do hope that you take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions, when you are confused.

Thank you so much for your contributions as you go through the training. We all learn from each others insights.

We wish you much success as you continue.
snowshoead Premium
Well said and shared! Thank you again and best of luck to you.