How Will YOU Make Money Online?

Great question!

The reality is that there are many ways to make money online! The problem is that people often get distracted by the "latest and greatest" product or service and they are never able to build a successful (and revenue generating) business as a result.

Today I am going to run you through one of the most fundamental, yet powerful processes of generating revenue online.

It is a proven process, it is one that we use, and one that Wealthy Affiliate members follow. It is also the ultimate "make money" process that worked 17 years ago and it is going to work 17 years from now (and beyond). It is a process that will reveal as much opportunity in the massive online world as you are willing to work for!

It is called Affiliate Marketing.

But, just one thing before you get into the MONEY "stuff"...

The making money part of your business won't happen quite yet.

Before you earn money, you are going to first be focusing on creating your niche website (which will take place in the next two lessons) and are working to get traffic to your website. Without a website and without traffic, the MONEY part simply doesn't happen.

So don't look at this like a race. You will reach success and a great deal of it, but before you build your own personal SKYSCRAPER of a business, you must first have a solid FOUNDATION to build it on. That is going to be our first goal within the Getting Started training. Cool?

Alright, let's continue on! :)

Below is a video walk-through of today's lesson and the process of "How to Make Money Online - The Process Explained". Just click the PLAY button to watch it!


In the coming days you are going to be working through this process and by the end of this Level 1 training alone, you are going to have an awesome foundation in place that will lead you to much greater success.

Task #1: Understand the Make Money Process

There are MANY different ways that you can earn money online and many different ways in which you can build an entire business. The most lucrative and the one that we have been teaching here at Wealthy Affiliate for the past 14 years is Affiliate Marketing.

Below is a diagram outlining the process of making money through affiliate marketing.

There are now over 5 BILLION people online as of 2022 (YOUR audience) and these people are going to search engines, social media, or visiting websites for help all the time. They are buying at a rate we have never seen, which means the opportunity is only continuing to grow for YOU!

These people are looking for information, solutions to problems and to buy stuff.

That is where you are going to come in with your website and help these "audiences" by offering them information about what they are looking for. You will be "helping" these people, recommending products/services they can benefit from, and you earn affiliate commissions ($$) as a result.

There are over 550 MILLION products/services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. The opportunity is incredible and it is only growing!

By Lesson 4 of this course you are going to have your very own "niche" business in place that you will use to connect with your chosen audience and make money with. You will have your very own slice of the internet opportunity.

Task #2: Create (Write Down) Your Financial Goals

You want to earn revenue right? That is great! In order to earn anything however, you need to have some goals in place.

In the first lesson, you should have already added your goals to your profile. But if not I recommend you so now. Make some ambitious goals for yourself, because this is the Internet. The opportunity is vast, and there is no "upper cap" to your potential that we are going to help you harness here at WA.

You can add your money goals, and edit them at any time directly on your profile.

===> Add or Edit Your MONEY Goals on Your Profile Here!

If you have any questions about any aspect of the make money process, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Awesome, off to the next lesson now where you will be "choosing your niche"!

Tasks 0/3 completed
2. Check Out the "The Process of Earning Money Online" Infographic (from above)
3. Add Your Money Goals (If You Haven't Already)

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I tanks all the member and families of WA for your teaching and I appreciated your effort to answer all question s raised in a perfect way,
I completed the 1st level with creating website successfully but,
I'am forced to stop here because to upgrade my leve a$$$ is must and I Can't afford .....
TheAbie Premium Plus
Congratulations and that's great progress.

You may remain a starter indefinitely and communicate with the platform indefinitely; you may search for resources in the magnifying glass top menu. You can also start building content for a focused niche website. You can join the platform when you can; no rush here.

Moreover, I would consider joining the platform if you are serious about pursuing an online business.
RussellGr Premium
I'm going through all the training again as I think it's good to do every so often. I didn't comment so much the first time round, but it's good going in, knowing that the training works. I'll try to add to the comments as I progress this time, and help at least one colleague here each time.
TheAbie Premium Plus
That's really awesome Russell, and so happy to see you here :)
HBoshek Premium
I am stuck on a niche. I have herbal medicine knowledge, and the idea is to educate others on the benefits of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is broad, so I am playing with ideas on how to find a niche within the world of herbal medicine. One of my ideas was to focus on "Tea Time is Me Time" and have content that discusses the benefits of herbal tea and the different ways to practice the art of "me time." Thoughts?
LeslieGood Premium
Hi @HBoshek
First a disclaimer - I am brand new here, so take my comment with a grain of salt.
I love the idea of herbal tea as medicine. I think that really makes herbal medicine approachable and even enjoyable. "Tea Time Is Me Time" is catchy but I don't know if it conveys the nuance and depth of your intention of herbal tea as medicine. That distinction is key to your brand, I think you want it front and center.
HBoshek Premium
Thank you!
MarcTydingco Premium
Hi! I wanted to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate!

That is a great niche, but you’re right. It may be a bit too broad.

Herbal Tea is a type of herbal medicine. You can come up with many keyword ideas around herbal tea.

As for the name, it is catchy, but try to focus on what your website entails.

Maybe “Natural Remedies with Herbal Tea” could be a good name because it entails the different kinds of treatments you can receive when drinking certain kinds of herbal teas.

Hope this helps!

TheAbie Premium Plus
That could be a direction, and it sounds like you have figured this out; however few more choices here.

Mental Health Herbal Medicine
Digestive Health Herbal Medicine
Cardiovascular Health Herbal Medicine
Immunity Health Herbal Medicine
Respiratory Health Herbal Medicine
Skin Care Herbal Medicine
Muscle and Joint Care Herbal Medicine
Eye Health Herbal Medicine
Sleep Health Herbal Medicine
Women's Health Herbal Medicine

Do any of the above interests you?

Also, as this may affect someone's life, it may fall under Google's YMYL (your money or your life); you can learn more here.

Initially, you would want to discuss an aspect of a focused niche with a qualified group of people who would be your target audience. You walk them through your journey, give your visitors sound advice and promote products however feasible.

Start Your Business by Finding the Right Niche For You!

Building a business at Wealthy Affiliate starts with a let us help you find one! You may research your niche below resource

You have 50 runs, renewable monthly.

Check out Kyle's Vlog I hope this helps.
Mikedineen7 Premium
Hello everyone. I'm looking for your opinion on a tag line I'm trying to create. I have an affiliate link to a Crypto website called "Copy My Crypto" which offers members the opportunity to buy coins that an expert has identified as a wise investment and have the following tag lines to consider. Do you have a preference or any you REALLY don't like?
1. "Copy the Pros, Copy My Crypto."
2. "Imitation is the sincerest form of investing"
3. "Copy smarter, not harder"
4. "Don’t try to be a crypto genius, just copy one".
5. "Copy My Crypto, Copy My Success"
6. "Copy the Pros, Invest with Confidence"
7. "Investing Made Simple"

Thank you team!
Kyle Premium Plus
Don't base your niche around a product, rather an audience. Sure you can promote that particular product as you build out your website, but first WHO do you want to help within the broader crypto space.
"Investing Made Simple " speaks more to me. Hope it helps.
Mikedineen7 Premium
Thank you for your reply @swalleriei
Mikedineen7 Premium
I see what you mean @kyle
I want to help anyone who's interested in investing in Crypto but has no idea where to start/ feels overwhelemed and is looking for someone to essentially hold their hand. That's what the primary focus is. Then secondary I want to offer them tools to facilitate the primary purpose. So in my case they join the website ($$) then they need a ledger to keep their crypto safe ($$). And I'm sure there are other services/ producst I can add to the list.
Am I on the right track?