How Will YOU Make Money Online?

Great question!

The reality is that there are many ways to make money online! The problem is that people often get distracted by the "latest and greatest" product or service and they are never able to build a successful (and revenue generating) business as a result.

Today I am going to run you through one of the most fundamental, yet powerful processes of generating revenue online.

It is a proven process, it is one that we use, and one that 100,000's of other Wealthy Affiliate members use. It is also the ultimate "making money" process that worked 5 years ago and it is going to work 5 years from now (and beyond). It is a process that will reveal as much opportunity in the massive online world as you are willing to work for!

It is called Affiliate Marketing.

But, just one thing before you get into the MONEY "stuff"...

The making money part of your business won't happen quite yet.

Before you earn money, you are going to first be focusing on creating your niche website (which will take place in the next two lessons) and are working to get traffic to your website. Without a website, without content, and without traffic, the MONEY part simply doesn't happen.

So don't look at this like a race. You will reach success and a great deal of it, but before you build your own personal SKYSCRAPER of a business, you must first have a solid FOUNDATION to build it on. That is going to be our first goal within the Getting Started training. Cool?

Alright, let's continue on! :)

Below is a video walk-through of today's lesson and the process of "How to Make Money Online - The Process Explained". Just click the PLAY button to watch it!


In the coming days are going to be working through this process and by the end of this Level 1 training alone, you are going to have an awesome foundation in place that will lead you to much greater success.

Task #1: Understand the Make Money Process

There are MANY different ways that you can earn money online and many different ways in which you can build an entire business. The most lucrative and the one that we have been teaching here at Wealthy Affiliate for the past 14 years is Affiliate Marketing.

Below is a diagram outlining the process of making money through affiliate marketing.

There are now over 4 BILLION people online as of 2019 (YOUR audience) and these people are going to search engines, social media, or visiting websites for help all the time.

These people are looking for information, solutions to problems and to buy stuff.

That is where you are going to come in with your website and help these "audiences" by offering them information about what they are looking for. You will be "helping" these people, recommending products/services they can benefit from, and you earn affiliate commissions ($$) as a result.

There are over 550 MILLION products/services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. The opportunity is incredible and it is only growing!

By Lesson 4 of this course you are going to have your very own "niche" website in place that you will use to connect with your chosen audience and make money with. You will have your very own slice of the internet opportunity.

Task #2: Create (Write Down) Your Financial Goals

You want to earn revenue right? That is great! In order to earn anything however, you need to have some goals in place.

In this task we want you to join in on a "money goals" discussion here at Wealthy Affiliate. You are going to be telling us what your goals are and going forward, we are going to be helping you achieve these very goals!

QUESTION #1: How much money would you be happy earning?

QUESTION #2: How much would you be ecstatic (ie, really excited) earning?

QUESTION #3: And how much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?

PLEASE make 100% sure that you do not skip this step and you revisit this post regularly when you are in need of some motivation. I can absolutely assure you that if you work hard at this and you are persistent towards these goals, you will achieve them. But ultimately it is UP TO YOU!

JOIN DI$CU$ION: What Are Your "Money" Goals?

In addition to this, it would be wonderful if you commented on someone else's goals they have posted within this thread. Aim to comment on at least TWO people's goals. You likely can network with many other "like minded" people here at Wealthy Affiliate and this is a good way to get your networking efforts rolling. We are a friendly bunch here at WA!

If you have any questions about any aspect of the make money process, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Awesome, off to the next lesson now where you will be "choosing your niche"!

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Tasks 0/4 completed
2. Understand the "The Process of Earning Money Online" Infographic
3. Join in on this discussion and add your personal "money" goals
4. Comment on at Least TWO People

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One of the two niche ideas I have doesn't really have any blog component to it. It solves a problem for around half of those online yet I fear it will be drowned out by a lack of updating. Is there a way to keep it relevant regardless of constant content updates?
drcharles666 Premium
I bring this outside resource here not as a criticism of" Site Content" but there may be better out there. I use Grammarly to help me with spelling and general writing stuff. The part I am using now is free there is an upgraded version I think for $29.month which I am considering.

Once you sign up as you are typing .in real-time, it will let you know. With misspellings, suggestions for better word usage, spacing that could be improved, All in real-time.

It's not perfect I would say around 85%-90% correct. Sometimes it missed misspellings but for the most part its great.

The reason I know that it's better is bc when I use Site Content for this purpose is that I will download my articles into SiteContent and push the button to check for errors.

It would show me any errors. I would correct them to publish over to WP. Grammarly would find 3-4x errors that were missed spelling, grammar, word usage, what have you

So check it out. Oh BTW I don't have any " dogs in this hunt" just passing on good info

Take care all
Rayman45 Premium
Is it ok to have 2 niches at once. E.G. can I have a niche about a topic that I'm passionate about, and also have a page or section that promotes wealthy affiliate or any other affiliate program?
I'm just curious as to how would this be done and has anyone ever double dipped on niches and had any success..
megawinner Premium
Quite frankly it is up to you. Tes, why not. If you create great content and follow the training you will succeed. A lot of the guys would tell you one at a time.
Rayman45 Premium
Thank you.
I appreciate you.
Your not alone. During the last session I immediately thought of two ideas. I would say get the ground work on one done first. That way you can learn from your mistakes before taking on the second one. If everything goes well you will be into your second one shortly.
Rayman45 Premium
@hgruvman. Thank you. I appreciate you. That makes sense. I always do what I think is right when it comes to the online business and always end up with zero results.
This time I'm going to listen to my peers. They say if you want different results you have to do things differently..

So thank you.

And I will focus on just one niche, and if successful, then I'll give 2 a try ..
josimrasm Premium
Hi, I think I need some help here with the WordPress menu and those things.
I have tried over and over again to get it set like described herein
the session without any luck.
It looks more a battlefield than a WP site.
The Menu page has a bit different outlook than what you describe in the program, and that makes me a bit confused.
Is there any way for support to help me get it up and shine?

Thanks a lot for this program. I am confident that I will succeed more or less over time.
Tammyramosb Premium
Hi there, newbie here! My question is for the website that is being built, what is the content that exists on here? Is it blogging or just strictly advertising the niche? What sets a high traffic website apart from one that is not getting any leads? Lastly, how is the website found by others (for example: if someone performs a Google search, what page of the results would your site be found on and do you need to pay to have it bumped up?).
JosephRebisz Premium
Hi Tammy, Joe here. Welcome to WA! You follow the training outlined, build your website and start writing articles about your niche. What sets the high traffic sites apart from the lower ones is content. Google will index your site, meaning they will notice it, then as you write more and more articles, it will move up in ranking with publishing more genuine content. You cannot pay to move up in google ranking. If you use the right keywords when writing, those that people will use when searching google, then it will gain more popularity quicker. I have only been here about 5 months and have already had two of my articles make page 1, for a couple days anyway. Now average page 2 with all my articles. Follow the training step by step and you'll do fine:)