We would like to congratulate you on your progress thus far and your progression towards success online! Your foundation has been built and you are ready to take your niche website and business to the next level.

First though, let's look at some things that you have already accomplished in the first 9 lessons in Level 1 of 5 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

You have already accomplished A LOT...

In just your first 9 lessons, you have already accomplished the following:

  • Set-up your account profile here at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Interacted with others fellow marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat
  • Understood the process of earning money online
  • Set your idealistic short and long term "make money" goals
  • Chosen your niche from scratch
  • Named and built your very OWN website using SiteRubix
  • Set-up the website that is geared for long-term success
  • Activated your website plugins
  • Understand how to set-up plugins that maximize website efficiency
  • Optimized your website for search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing)
  • Created your very first page of content on your website
  • Have created many relationships with others here at WA
  • Have gotten timely help when you needed it
  • Understood the process of keyword research
  • Found a bunch of awesome, low compettion keywords
  • Learn how to properly set-up your website navigation
  • Learned a bunch of powerful stuff that is going to help lead you to SUCCESS

In other words, YOU have accomplished a lot in just a short period of time, imagine what you can accomplishing in the next 30 days, the next 60 days...IMAGINE THE NEXT YEAR!

Brilliant things CAN and WILL happen, you just have to want it and be willing to work towards your goals. We want to be there for you and help you through the process.

The process towards your own personal success has already started and you are well on your way to creating a business online.

We also hope you have made a few personal revelations here within the community...

(1) People just like YOU are succeeding here every day!
(2) You have endless access to "expert" help here within the community.
(3) Wealthy Affiliate grows, improves and evolves every day (for your benefit).
(4) We truly care about YOU and your personal success.

Today I want to let you know about the different membership options here at Wealthy Affiliate. I just want to let you know what is included in the Premium membership and how you can seriously benefit from being a premium member here at WA.

You have had 9 lessons to judge the quality of WA so there is no point in me selling you on the training aspect, rather I am going to state what is included in Premium.

If you are interested in Premium, awesome! We look forward to working with you for months, perhaps years to come. If not, then that is fine as well (no hard feelings). :)

There are 4 more "amazing" levels of training to the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Course you will get instant access to if you upgrade to premium, along side over 300 hours of live classes and 1,000's of independent training modules. Your exciting education and journey is just getting started!

Your Next Course Is Ready! - The Ultimate Traffic Training! (Level 2)

In Level 2 (Premium members only) of your Online Entrepreneur Certification you are going to be learning some amazing stuff where the main focus of Level 2 training is "traffic". Here are just some of the topics that are going to be covered in this next 10 Lesson course.

  • Getting your own, highly brandable domain
  • Carving out a long term "vision" in the early stages of your business
  • Creating keyword rich content that RANKS in Google.
  • The path to getting unlimited hoards of traffic!
  • Getting indexed in Google in less than 15 minutes
  • Where to find an "endless" source of low competition keywords
  • Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit method
  • Building out your content base in the most effective way
  • How to get your website seen and indexed quicker and with minimal work
  • Making Google love you, the quickest path to Authority
  • The ONLY sites you need to know about for keyword research.
  • Scaling your website with the most efficiency as possible

And this is just Level 2 of the training. By Level 3 alone we are going to be digging deep into the "make money" side of your business and uncovering 100's of Millions of products you can integrate into your website. Level 4 we are going to be digging into social media and how to leverage those platforms in your business.

You are going to develop the skillset and have the potential to grow your business to any level of success you want online.

If you are already a Premium member, you can simply check off the tasks in this lesson and then head over to Level 2 of the training. The "Get Started Here" button will automatically update when you have checked off these tasks.

If you are not already Premium, you can upgrade your membership to Premium here and get a $30 off discount.

What is included in a PREMIUM Membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

Honestly, if your website was the bread, the Premium membership is going to be the peanut butter and jelly for your business! ;)

For less than $1 per day you can become a premium member! You can get access to all of the training here, access to the entire SiteRubix Suite, access to weekly live classes, unlimited access to the keyword research platform, the ability to rub shoulders with some of the most established marketing experts in the industry, and unlimited support & mentoring.

Not just that, having Premium will increase your chances of success by over 500%. It's proven.

This seems like a no-brainer considering a single course in college could easily run you $1,500. You could get a 5 year Premium membership at WA for this price and 100x more value!

There isn't a more comprehensive, technically advanced, cost efficient, and caring affiliate/internet marketing anywhere in the world. That is something that we proudly stand behind.

You are also going to instantly unlock Level 2, The Ultimate Traffic Training course as soon as you go premium. :)

OPTION 1: Join Premium and Unlock Level 2, The Ultimate Traffic Training!

OPTION 2: If You Are Already a Premium Member, Go to Level 2 Now!

Tasks 0/2 completed
1. Upgrade to a Premium Member and access Stage 2 of Online Entrepreneur Certification (all 6 levels are included with a premium membership). If you are already a premium member then you can check this task!
2. Continue on to Level 2 Training

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Deborahj13 Premium
Hey, I just finished setting up my website with SEO. I followed instructions and clicked on the pipe bar to separate my title from the little catch phrase. But after pushing save settings there still was no pipe bar separating the two. Just wanted to know if I was suppose to actually see the pipe bar after clicking on save settings?

TheAbie Premium Plus
Can you give us a screenshot please and thank you.
jghwebbrand Premium
It depends upon the theme you are using and .what header layout you choose.
Blamonica11 Premium
I am building a website on the free domain, and I am using one of the premium access website themes. If I decide to change themes, do I have to start over or is there a way to migrate all the information and settings from the first theme to a new one?
jghwebbrand Premium
When changing a theme you do not have to start over. Your pages, posts, images all remain in tact You may have to make some website header modifications and maybe footer changes but those are minor.

When you wish to change a theme, why not do a google search
your theme name + demo to see what it does first before installing and activating it.

Actually using the free siterubix.com domain website is a smart way to go because you do not have to redo any work when you decide to buy a dot com. You can MOVE your siterubix.com website to your dot com with the push of a button. The advantage of using the free domain name is that if you change your mind you can simply delete it and start over. But when purchasing a dot com domain name it cannot be deleted. There are industry standards in place. Since the free domain siterubix.com is a subdomain of the domain name siterubix.com the subdomain can be deleted.

When you are ready to MOVE your free sitrubix.com website here is the link. Yu will find it in level 2 training lesson 2.
TheAbie Premium Plus
No you do not.

To change your theme, here is what to do.

You may go to Appearance > Themes and add new.

Input what you are looking for, install and activate.

Your content will be left intact, you may lose out on CSS styles and social media icons if that, however with a bit of tweaking and you are done.

We always recommend you leaving a back up theme, you may od with the Twenty TwentyTwo.

I hope this helps
Help!!!!Is there anybody help me?

I can't sign up the account of ClickBank, if I submit my profile, everything was finished automatically at that moment, it told me "account disabled"...
I really want to join in ClickBank, I finished establish my own website just now, I really want to promote products of ClickBank....
Is there any way to connect somebody who could agree with my application?
What should I do? Please help me.....🙏🙏🙏🙏
TheAbie Premium Plus
You can contact ClickBank by emailing payments@clickbankdotcom if you have any questions about your account's status.

Submit a ClickBank request
Thank you~~
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Lynn,

Can I ask you a question? How many people click on your website each day? Is it at least 100?

If you are getting traffic like that great. You should become a Clickbank member and promote products in your niche.

However, if you are not getting traffic, the chances are you will fail in promoting any product using Clickbank affiliate links because nobody will see them.

Does that make sense? Work your hardest to build traffic first. Then join affiliate programs in your niche to write reviews about them using affiliate links.

Does that make sense?


TheAbie Premium Plus
You're very welcome! I hope you get figured out sooner.
jghwebbrand Premium
You are just beginning. Do the training first and get content in your website related to your niche idea. Then sign up to clickbank. Acceptance is not a guaranteed thing. Read their terms and policies.

But first create your website so you are getting traffic to it. Then you can get acceptance. Owning a website is not just about selling products. It is about helping people.
Thank you for your opion
Thank you for your opinion
Gomich1021 Premium
Hi, I am new to this and I am not completely sure about my niche. I want to do something about computer parts. (Like just about gpus or cpus) But I don't know if that is too broad. I want it to help people who don't really understand the information that most websites give. And give them a way to know which one would be the best pick.
TheAbie Premium Plus
Great and as a niche is not a product vs a subject you would help people by giving them advice on an aspect, walk them through your journey and then promote products however relevant.

You ought to discuss an aspect of computers to a qualified group of people who would be your target audience.

Graphic cards for beginners or gamers as an example.

The more focused a niche website is starting out, the better chance it has to start having traction and traffic.

Please be aware you also need to create lots of content addressing issues related to your focused niche website.

Most important is to be passionate and genuinely interested in your niche
Gomich1021 Premium
That is a great idea, about graphics cards for beginners/gamers. And I would teach them about what it does in a computer. And what it affect in games/daily activities on their computer, then show them graphics cards. And maybe talk about price vs efficiently?
TheAbie Premium Plus
Awesomeness, I would dive in coursework. You can always adjust and adapt down the line! Wishing you success on your online journey and business endeavors.
jghwebbrand Premium
I am not sure I understand your niche idea. It looks like you want to help people understand and find the best website, but in actuality. it is best to find a niche about a topic you can help others with.

Here may be some ideas to expand your thinking.
Do you have any hobbies? Sports? Problems you've solved? Problems you are looking to find solutions for? Products that are amazingly helpful? Something you talk a lot about? Something you wished you had learned earlier in life? Job skill?

You will be writing posts for people to read on your website - who would be the audience you wish to write for and help? You will be writing both informational posts and product reviews. What kind of questions would people be asking about your niche that you can help them with as well? Your informational posts are important to grow your traffic. Resource for questions: answersocrates.com.
Gomich1021 Premium
I wish to explain how graphics cards work and affect a person's computer. Like I want to explain, the information most people don't understand, as well as the price and efficiency of graphics card products. Which would let me write articles on information of graphics cards, let me do product reviews, and let people ask questions about the information I have provided
jghwebbrand Premium
Okay that will work. Then you can expand your scope later if necessary.

We wish you well.
Hello Kyle or anyone else willing to help. I am a recent new member of this program, and I plan on purchasing the premium program in a little while, after I explore some more around here and ensure that this is for me.
Before that, I just want to ask you for some insight into the niche I have chosen. Since I am training as a deck cadet on board a ship to become an officer, I was thinking of making marine equipment/accessories for pleasure boating my niche. Is this niche acceptable? Is it too broad, or should I narrow it down to things like marine radars, parts, GPS, etc.
Thank you in advance for your help, I hope to learn a lot from this program and further my progress with the help of you as well as the other members.
jghwebbrand Premium
Nice niche idea here. So the way to get a better handle on how to proceed, pic a targeted audience you wish to help and determine how you wish to help them. A great way to get traffic is to think of niche related problems and questions people have. And then write content to help them. Answersocrates.com is a site you can get questions from. This will help you to see the types of inte4rets people And how you could narrow and focus your niche. A niche is much more that products. It is helping people solve their problems and recommending solutions which are many times products.

You will be writing posts for people to read on your website - who would be the audience you wish to write for and help? You will be writing both informational posts and product reviews. Your informational posts are important to grow your traffic.

A niche should be for a targeted group of people How to narrow a niche down How To Expand Your niche later We wish you well.
wrineberg Premium
My personal opinion would be marine equipment would be a good niche. All of the other narrowed down niches you mentioned could be good posts for your website. You can as direct as you want. You will learn this through training. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions. The Wealthy Affiliate family is here to help.
Julia39 Premium
Welcome Kober to WA ye I believe you are on the right track, you do what your expertise is. It's your knowledge, your talent, your experience that will help you with building up your content.
In otherwords, you will need to provide your public with eye catching interesting, information on you choice of niche.
You can have your own take on this, like a personal account on 'how to' and 'what to do' to become an officer. Explore this by taking relevant photos your own images, videos etc.
Easy, hey you can ride the waves so to speak!
By following training if you decide to go premium it will be come more clearer.
You can have sections, within sections. As an affiliate you can promote anything to do with your subject, when you choose the appropriate programs that tie in with your niche.
That's my take on this, plan how and what you want your website to be. Checkout similar websites and see what the competition is like, then you can do your spin on it.
Hope that helps a bit.
Sounds great though, good luck with it all and enjoy the process! 👍 😀
TheAbie Premium Plus
Firstly as a niche is not a product vs a subject you would help people by giving them advice on an aspect, walk them through your journey and then promote products however relevant.

You ought to discuss an aspect of marine to a qualified group of people who would be your target audience.

Marine technology and for beginners as an example.

The more focused a niche website is starting out, the better chance it has to start having traction and traffic.

Please be aware you also need to create lots of content addressing issues related to your focused niche website.

Most important is to be passionate and genuinely interested in your niche