Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are after ONE thing. The most relevant content.

If you can build out your website in a way that is ready for SEO (as discussed in the last lesson) and create quality, relevant content, you are going to have a bright journey ahead of you within the online world.

The thing that most people stress about is being a "writer", you DO NOT have to be a writer to be successful online.

You simply need to communicate with your audience, the same way that you would with a friend or a family member. And if you put the emphasis on helping people, you are going to be able to build trust, which is going to lead to long term and sustainable success online.

SiteContent, a Writer's Dream Platform

As both a Starter/Premium member, you have access to the SiteContent platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. This platform offers you some incredible features as a writer that will lead to more efficiency, accuracy, and speed with your content creation.

You can access the SiteContent platform through the Websites menu.

SiteContent offers you some unbelievable features that are going to make your life as a "blogger" much more efficient.

  • 100's of critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing goals and accomplishments
  • SEO analysis and checks
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

This is where you are going to be creating all of your content moving forward. You will be setting writing goals and leveraging the "feature rich" platform for writing. If you are worried about your writing skills, the SiteContent interface is going to help you understand where you are making writing errors and help you correct them in a very efficient manner.

It is going to be your go to writing tool moving forward and it is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate members only!

I have created a little walk-through video called "Creating Your Initial Website Content (Framework), showing you around the platform and how to best benefit from it. Watch the video below.


Task 1: Creating Your "About Me" POST

To establish a brand online in any niche, you need to build trust with your audience. The best way to initially do this is through an "about me" style page. Every successful website will have some information about their brand, who they are and why they want to help people.

Your first task today is going to be to create your About Me page and you are going to be doing this directly within the SiteContent platform.

Within your Templates tab, you are going to see that you already have the framework for your About Me page already outlined.

Simply click on the About Me template and it will take you into the SiteContent editor. This is where you will be creating your content for your About Me page.

The first thing you are going to want to do is choose a title that is appropriate for your about me page. There are several options that I suggest you choose from in terms of your naming convention.

  • About Me
  • About NAME (ex. About Kyle)
  • About SITE (ex. About Real Deal Affiliate, About RDA)
  • About Us

The most natural and the option that I have always used because I feel it resonates and creates the most trust is "About Me" or "About Kyle", because it is the most direct. It feels like I am here for you and I am here to help (which is the case with every site I create).

Then you will want to populate the content. Do know that this is just a guideline, as you edit this post you can add new headings and of course you are in full control of the content and your story.

This is not a rigid exercise here, you are YOUR OWN brand and you can build out your content in any way you like, but this will give you a good guideline here.

After your are done doing this you will be click the Publish button in the right corner, just above your editor. This is going to allow you to publish directly to your website (see below).

Upon clicking Publish, you will get a pop-up that will allow you to choose how you want to publish the content. This is a 4 step process.

Step 1: You will want to choose your website that you want to Publish to, in this case it will be my "" website.

Step 2: Choose "Post", not a "Page". The reason is all POSTS allow for comments on them and this is a page on my website where I am going to want to allow people to leave comments and feedback. Pretty much every article you publish moving forward will be done so as a "Post".

Step 3: Choose the user. If this is a new site, you will likely only have an Admin user. That is fine, choose that as your user.

Step 4: Choose the URL plug. Leave it "as is". You shouldn't need to change your URL plug, this is something that you can leave.

The Click Publish. Upon doing so, SiteContent is going to run a duplicate content check, and then publish the content to your website. Since you wrote your About Me page it will be 100% unique.

Task 2: Adding Your "Privacy Policy" PAGE

All major affiliate programs and all advertising platforms require that you have a "Privacy Policy" on your website. This is a formality more than anything and it is very much a standardized document.

You are going to want to load up the Privacy Policy Template from your templates.

Upon doing so, you will get a standardized Privacy Policy page. You are just going to need to make a few edits within the content to update this Privacy Policy and make it relevant to your website.

Change => Your Website URL

In the case of my website, I changed it to There about 10-11 instances of this that you will need to update within the Privacy Policy.

Then you will want to change:

Change => Your Email Address

This could be any email you want, you could even create a free gmail account for the purpose of this. Or if you don't feel comfortable leaving your email at the moment, this can be something that you provide to people at a later date.

Upon updating the and to your website details, you will want to Publish the Privacy Policy to your website.

Publish as a Page.

The reason you want to create this as a Page, not a Post is because Pages don't allow for comments. You don't want people commenting on your Privacy Policy, whereas you are going to want to allow for comments and engagement on the rest of your website (as it is good for rankings).

NOTE: If you do publish as a page and there are comments there, not to worry. That is just how your "theme" you chose was designed and it will not present any issues moving forward.

You are all set with your first few pages of content on your website. If you have any questions about the creation of your "about me" or "privacy policy" pages, leave them below.

Kudos to you for your hard work thus far, in the next lesson we are going to be covering navigation on your website and how to create custom menus. ;)

Tasks 0/3 completed
1. Watch the "Creating Your Initial Website Framework" Walk-through Video
2. Create & Publish Your "About Me" POST
3. Create & Publish Your Privacy Policy PAGE

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Hi everyone i need some help here...when im going and click on the general settings its not going where its supposed to go...i get this...

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i cant post a photo unfortunately... :(
keishalina Premium
hey hi Symeon & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

there's been some changes to AIOSEO recently ...

it's been the default plug-in and it is still free ...

and here's an 18-minute update by Phil ... hope you'll find it helpful ... it's pretty clear and step by step ...
keishalina Premium
... it's ok ... kindly see my initial reply for you ... :)
keishalina Premium
... and here's blog post on the new changes by Andre ... very helpful to know ... all the best ... :)
Amykaza79 Premium
Cool, finished setup. Check tab, can use free don’t need license key..
Or u can use other SEO. (RankMath)
Thanks a lot for the help :)
Thank you :)
when i click on the dashboard its not even letting me to see the says : Connect with AIOSEO to see your Site Score.
and when i click there its asking me to register...
i think i will sovle it :) thnx everyone :D !!!
hello. the home page for setting up SEO in the demo video is not the same as the one in my account. hence i am not seeing the features in the general settings as the demo video. Under general setting in my account, it starts with wizard...
therefore i have failed to continue with tasks of SEO, lesson 6
jghwebbrand Premium
The AIO plugin has been recently updated so the training will also need to be updated. You can follow the SEO wizard.
anhstein Premium
the same happened to me, is the video outdated?
jghwebbrand Premium
Yes. The plugin was very very recently updated, So time has not allowed for the video update yet. Following the wizard is best at this point.
Thank you.but I still need guidance to use the wizard set up option. You realize that there are many variables to select and that requires support to achieve it. Could you be of help?. I can not proceed to next lessons
Thank you
jghwebbrand Premium
Here's a link to the new set up; Hope this provides the guidance you need.
Thank you. i am gonna try.
Sherlock101 Premium
At this stage I'm a little uncertain. As i understand it, I have two options open to me, of which I can choose one or the other or both, which is what I want to do. I have the option of building an affiliate business around my own niche and choice of product/s,
and/or building a business via the "boot camp"training, promoting the WA program as an affiliate. Now where I need guidance Kyle, is whether or not I should attempt both options at the same time.
I somehow feel it would be unwise to attempt both at once, but if you agree with me, which option would you suggest I tackle first. If it is left to me I would favor going with the niche model first.
I await your reply. Thank you
jghwebbrand Premium
Read your blog.
You should do only ONE website at a time. We would recommend you choose your own niche to start with. "affiliate business around my own niche" as you put it.

Doing your own niche first gives you an opportunity to become an authority site. Writing relevant unique quality content will help you to achieve that.

TRChancellor Premium
Hi Sherlock101, I'm new here and this has the possibility to be overwhelming. Your situation as well. Anything is possible I believe. It's all in how you do it. I think that you should do whatever your hearts all of them, keeping in mind that life is a process and take one step at a time.
IvanBroz Premium
Hey there, I would not suggest taking both options at once. The best idea would be to build your own niche site around your passion through Online Entrepreneur Certification to learn the basics first.

Later on, when you gather some experience with affiliate marketing, you can take Bootcamp lessons and build a site in the affiliate marketing niche.

That's what I've done and it worked well for me.
Sherlock101 Premium
Thank you kindly my Dear for your contribution. I'm going to follow you and track your progress. All the best.
Kind Regards
Sherlock101 Premium
Thank you friend for your sound advice. You have confirmed what my gut was telling me. All the best for 2021 and Merry Christmas.
IvanBroz Premium
Sure thing :) All the best to you too and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone from singapore
Merry Christmas
JeanieM Premium
Hey all - I need some advice, please . . . I am trying to come up with my Niche . . . Would I be better off doing "60 is the new 40 for women" or "What Grandparenting looks like in 2021" (wording needs to be changed but those are the general ideas) I am 59, divorced, single mom of 3 daughters and grandmother of 5 and one on the way. I love being a grandmother. Its so much better than being a mom! LOL! Also, I am struggling with the whole turning 60 thing. How is that possible, when I'm not even what I want to be when I grow up! I feel much younger (I guess that's a good thing).

I've written some content for a blog I was hoping to start, with the title, "It's never to late to start over" but I didn't know how to turn that into a money maker.

SUGGESTIONS? I'm open to anything!!! A completely different road, even. Thank you!! I'm in Southern California so I'm going to bed soon, but will hope to see suggestions in the morning! Thanks so much!
WilliamFW Premium
I like the grandparent thing; but, I would try to avoid putting a year to it. I would think you want it to be successful for many years to come.
IvanBroz Premium
There's no right or wrong choice here. If you're passionate about both topics, and you clearly are, one of them should be your niche. All you have to do is decide on one of those two topics and like Unamaa said in his comment, put a whole year to it.

To help you get over with this dilemma, I would suggest you ask yourself this. Would I like to help people to be better grandparents or women in their 60es to feel younger? How can I help any of those two groups of people?

In any case, just make a quick decision, like ripping off a bandaid. Once you build a successful business in one of those two niches, you can easily invest extra time and money into a second one. So it's a win-win situation whichever the way you go :)

I hope this helps :)

Deisro Premium
Sure that is a good idea for her
Lordsman Premium
I'm trying to set up my SEO. I get a launch wizard instead of the screens in the video. It asks a lot of different questions and never offers the check boxes we are supposed to do in the video of lesson 6. What do I do, or have I done wrong?
jghwebbrand Premium
The launch wizard is from the plugin author itself. Even if you get the wizard, once you can get out of it, go back and check the contents in each tab to make sure it matches the training.