Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are after ONE thing. The most relevant content.

If you can build out your website in a way that is ready for SEO (as discussed in the last lesson) and create quality, relevant content, you are going to have a bright journey ahead of you within the online world.

The thing that most people stress about is being a "writer", you DO NOT have to be a writer to be successful online.

You simply need to communicate with your audience, the same way that you would with a friend or a family member. And if you put the emphasis on helping people, you are going to be able to build trust, which is going to lead to long term and sustainable success online.

SiteContent, a Writer's Dream Platform

As both a Starter/Premium member, you have access to the SiteContent platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. This platform offers you some incredible features as a writer that will lead to more efficiency, accuracy, and speed with your content creation.

You can access the SiteContent platform through the Websites menu.

SiteContent offers you some unbelievable features that are going to make your life as a "blogger" much more efficient.

  • 100's of critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing goals and accomplishments
  • SEO analysis and checks
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

This is where you are going to be creating all of your content moving forward. You will be setting writing goals and leveraging the "feature rich" platform for writing. If you are worried about your writing skills, the SiteContent interface is going to help you understand where you are making writing errors and help you correct them in a very efficient manner.

It is going to be your go to writing tool moving forward and it is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate members only!

I have created a little walk-through video called "Creating Your Initial Website Content (Framework), showing you around the platform and how to best benefit from it. Watch the video below.


Task 1: Creating Your "About Me" POST

To establish a brand online in any niche, you need to build trust with your audience. The best way to initially do this is through an "about me" style page. Every successful website will have some information about their brand, who they are and why they want to help people.

Your first task today is going to be to create your About Me page and you are going to be doing this directly within the SiteContent platform.

Within your Templates tab, you are going to see that you already have the framework for your About Me page already outlined.

Simply click on the About Me template and it will take you into the SiteContent editor. This is where you will be creating your content for your About Me page.

The first thing you are going to want to do is choose a title that is appropriate for your about me page. There are several options that I suggest you choose from in terms of your naming convention.

  • About Me
  • About NAME (ex. About Kyle)
  • About SITE (ex. About Real Deal Affiliate, About RDA)
  • About Us

The most natural and the option that I have always used because I feel it resonates and creates the most trust is "About Me" or "About Kyle", because it is the most direct. It feels like I am here for you and I am here to help (which is the case with every site I create).

Then you will want to populate the content. Do know that this is just a guideline, as you edit this post you can add new headings and of course you are in full control of the content and your story.

This is not a rigid exercise here, you are YOUR OWN brand and you can build out your content in any way you like, but this will give you a good guideline here.

After your are done doing this you will be click the Publish button in the right corner, just above your editor. This is going to allow you to publish directly to your website (see below).

Upon clicking Publish, you will get a pop-up that will allow you to choose how you want to publish the content. This is a 4 step process.

Step 1: You will want to choose your website that you want to Publish to, in this case it will be my "" website.

Step 2: Choose "Post", not a "Page". The reason is all POSTS allow for comments on them and this is a page on my website where I am going to want to allow people to leave comments and feedback. Pretty much every article you publish moving forward will be done so as a "Post".

Step 3: Choose the user. If this is a new site, you will likely only have an Admin user. That is fine, choose that as your user.

Step 4: Choose the URL plug. Leave it "as is". You shouldn't need to change your URL plug, this is something that you can leave.

The Click Publish. Upon doing so, SiteContent is going to run a duplicate content check, and then publish the content to your website. Since you wrote your About Me page it will be 100% unique.

Task 2: Adding Your "Privacy Policy" PAGE

All major affiliate programs and all advertising platforms require that you have a "Privacy Policy" on your website. This is a formality more than anything and it is very much a standardized document.

You are going to want to load up the Privacy Policy Template from your templates.

Upon doing so, you will get a standardized Privacy Policy page. You are just going to need to make a few edits within the content to update this Privacy Policy and make it relevant to your website.

Change => Your Website URL

In the case of my website, I changed it to There about 10-11 instances of this that you will need to update within the Privacy Policy.

Then you will want to change:

Change => Your Email Address

This could be any email you want, you could even create a free gmail account for the purpose of this. Or if you don't feel comfortable leaving your email at the moment, this can be something that you provide to people at a later date.

Upon updating the and to your website details, you will want to Publish the Privacy Policy to your website.

Publish as a Page.

The reason you want to create this as a Page, not a Post is because Pages don't allow for comments. You don't want people commenting on your Privacy Policy, whereas you are going to want to allow for comments and engagement on the rest of your website (as it is good for rankings).

NOTE: If you do publish as a page and there are comments there, not to worry. That is just how your "theme" you chose was designed and it will not present any issues moving forward.

You are all set with your first few pages of content on your website. If you have any questions about the creation of your "about me" or "privacy policy" pages, leave them below.

Kudos to you for your hard work thus far, in the next lesson we are going to be covering navigation on your website and how to create custom menus. ;)

Tasks 0/3 completed
1. Watch the "Creating Your Initial Website Framework" Walk-through Video
2. Create & Publish Your "About Me" POST
3. Create & Publish Your Privacy Policy PAGE

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I'm absolutely loving the content so far. Not making things over complex or oversimplified it's simply brilliant. I now know how real affiliates operate their businesses online. And it all makes complete sense. Build a website, offer value on that website, and have affiliate offers on the website to which traffic will go through and make a purchase, when they do, you earn commissions, So simple.

Do wealthy Affiliates do something called a squeeze page, get the traffic to opt-in then retarget other offers to that email address. Because that is what most other people are teaching.

So most of these marketers are saying that their email list becomes their asset. But the way you guys are teaching seems way better, You are actually teaching us how to build a real asset (a website) and traffic will be going to that website via organic search methods or paid ads.
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for your blog of impressions on the training so far. You do have a great knowledge of how affiliate marketing works. There are some great details yet to come.

Yes those who do the make money marketing niche do use "squeeze pages" . Each website owner decides how they want to handle this.

Yes, original quality helpful content is so valuable for growing organic traffic for a website.

We are excited for you and your online business.

We wish you much success.
Question, what is good strategy in choosing a niche? A product or a hobby one?
For example for product, watches. Content ideas could be,
Best watch for kids, best watch for jogging etc.
For hobby, jogging,
Best jogging watches, best shoes for jogging etc.
Who has a lot more potential? A product focused? Or a hobby?
Thank you.
MAstuto Premium
Hi Nicole, do not make this complicated. Chose something you are excited about, and you have some knowledge in. It can be anything. You will need to write many blogs about your niche. Read my blog about how to chose a niche. I make it very simple. should help you pick a niche. Let me know if you need anything else.
VirginiaRod1 Premium Plus
Hello, pick whatever you're passionate about, interest you, but most importantly you want to pick something you know a lot about. Something you know you'll be able to create content about. Hope this helps. Good luck.
jghwebbrand Premium
Find your passion first. (a niche that you will get excited about for years to come)
Define the audience you want to promote your interest too.
Kyles always asks us to complete the following

'i want to help ____(group) with ______(problem)'

Why should you narrow your niche when first starting?
The key to getting started fast is to narrow your niche down to a specific topic. This way, you will eliminate a lot of competition and get results much faster.
Niche examples
Camping essentials for beginners as a niche subject Computer essentials for beginners. Strength training for women over 40. I help women over 50 lose weight with yoga, help new Moms find the most important baby gear to cope with their first year as a parent

Learn Questions People Ask About Your Niche. my be helpful to understand int4erest.

Once your narrow focused niche is established and traffic grows you can expand it.

How To Expand Your niche later
Think of something you love doing? Something you have a passion for. Do you like swimming? or playing tennis? Or playing video games?

You could then build a website around these hobbies and interests.

Another tip would be to go to the google keyword planner, which is free to use and check to see if your "keywords" or "interests" have a lot of searches per month and how the competition is. If the competition is high it will be harder to for your website to get ranked by Google.

So ideally you want to go for a niche that has a high number of searches per month and has relatively low competition.

Hope this helps
michaelw777 Premium
Your Niche should be something you Love and Feel Passionate about; you will be making about 3 posts per week on it. So, it should be something you want to make posts about.

Not only that; but your Niche should be something you think you can market and sell; and it should be something that helps People.

Hope this helps and encourages?
Jckpttsn Premium
You mentioned Amazon. Yes it is massive but only pays 6% which means I have to sell over $800 every month just to pay my WA membership fees. What about Clickbank? Do you recommend them? I am a member. They pay a lot more. I am sure there are a lot more venues I am not aware of.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - actually, the majority of Amazons products are only 4%, so yes, it is difficult to make a lot of money unless you are getting a lot of daily visitors.

Clickbank is an option but most of their products are digital, downloadable courses and books, which may not fit with some niche subjects.

Try searching in Google - type

Niche + affiliate program

You will probably find independent affiliate programs with better commission.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

I would go to the various programs and networks and check for myself what's relevant to my niche, you can also search google for high ticket programs if any that's also relevant to your niche.

You can do a google search
Your niche + affiliate programs
Your niche + affiliate programs + location
and see what results you get
jghwebbrand Premium
There are also some affiliate programs listed in menu bar "Promote" that have higher commissions than Amazon.
OK thanks
michaelw777 Premium
I am just going to say; sorry if this doesn't help enough? But, try this; in Google; put Affiliate Program + Then do it again; and this time try Affiliate Program + and your subject.

You should go up to at least page 5 for both of these.

Hope this helps and encourages?
LucyMurrell Premium Plus
Not true to the lessons I know- I'm hopeless to keep to instructions ( like my students hehee - arrggg). But I feel I must to keep to what I want to do. Yes probably at my peril, but I need fun in my life and this is what I want to do. ( You are not failures teachers/mentors etc). I am in control of my learning process. I am interested in warm feedback (not cold or hot feedback) to my website:
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may ask on below thread

Site Feedback
LucyMurrell Premium Plus
I've just done that, thank you for your help. :)
jghwebbrand Premium
Just in quick response. I checked your site. I really enjoy your writing style. Its very original and free flowing. It looks like blogging comes very easy for you. Nice going!
michaelw777 Premium
I am just going to say; just click the magnifying glass in the top left menu; look up Websites in the search bar. Go to the bottom of the page. You will find three threads that you can ask for advice on.

Also; they ask for comments before you can get comments; so please put the necessary amount of comments asked for; before you ask for Comments.

So, please comment first; and then ask for Comments.

Hope this helps and encourages?
Hi! Can I include many products in a website ? Yea of course products that related to my niche. For example , my niche is Fitness. Then can I include martial art equipment, work out equipment, protein shake, and many more products? Or is it better just a few products for one website.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

ONE niche, a website. Products and programs can be varied however all must be relevant to the niche.

Fitness is too broad and you need drill it down, what type of fitness and who would it suit. Who would benefit most from what you have to offer. Who's my target audience? Once you are able identify, you are closer to finding a focused niche site starting out.

You say Martial arts
Sanda (Wushu)
Kung Fu
or Muay Thai techniques for beginners etc.
And as an example.
jghwebbrand Premium
Yes you can include many products for a niche if they relate to your niche.

Your niche Fitness is a great one, BUT it is too broad to start your websites with. Fitness can be your long term niche for your brand, but it is important to start with a narrower focus.

Why should you narrow your niche?
The key to getting started fast is to narrow your niche down to a specific topic. This way, you will eliminate a lot of competition and get results much faster.
Niche examples
Camping essentials for beginners as a niche subject Computer essentials for beginners. Strength training for women over 40. I help women over 50 lose weight with yoga, help new Moms find the most important baby gear to cope with their first year as a parent

So start with a narrower focus to establish your website and get traffic. Then you can expand.

Here's an example Kyle provides of expanding later.
How To Expand Your niche later How to narrow a niche down
is it a good idea if I start with work out equipment and supplements
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Yes anything can be a niche subject however just needs narrowing down

Strengthening, stretching, balance, and aerobic exercises
Strength training
Balance exercises or techniques for beginners.

Once a site starts gaining traction, traffic and authority you can then scale to cover another subcategory.

See example blog post below A niche subject is something you are passionate and genuinely interested in could be a hobby or an interest, and know so well you can write plenty original content about.

ONE niche, a website. Products and programs can be varied however all must be relevant to the niche.

You may consult with for further research into finding a subcategory starting out. You can search what real people are asking as in Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, in the past, letters and query. It is also great if someone wants to write a thorough research based article.

For example if you are in yoga
Yoga exercises for beginners

When deciding on a niche try narrow it down to a more specific niche, you can ask yourself the following question:

So I want to help people with ____________________ ?

Fill in the blank and you are going to get closer to a specific audience. Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.

You can do a google search
Your niche + affiliate programs
Your niche + affiliate programs + location
and see what results you get

Meanwhile I'd ask as many questions as I want to get clarifications,

Welcome to WA and our community.

Abie & AJ
jghwebbrand Premium
Have you identified your audience yet.
What audience do you want to help and with what?
Loosing weight or building muscles?

It is best to start with only one of these ideas to establish your website and gain traffic Narrowing your niche will eliminate some competition. Once you are getting some traffic you can expand your niche focus. .