Search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo are after ONE thing. The most relevant content.

If you can build out your website in a way that is ready for SEO (as discussed in the last lesson) and create quality, relevant content, you are going to have a bright journey ahead of you within the online world.

The thing that most people stress about is being a "writer", you DO NOT have to be a writer to be successful online.

You simply need to communicate with your audience, the same way that you would with a friend or a family member. And if you put the emphasis on helping people, you are going to be able to build trust, which is going to lead to long term and sustainable success online.

SiteContent, a Writer's Dream Platform

As both a Starter/Premium member, you have access to the SiteContent platform here at Wealthy Affiliate. This platform offers you some incredible features as a writer that will lead to more efficiency, accuracy, and speed with your content creation.

You can access the SiteContent platform through the Websites menu.

SiteContent offers you some unbelievable features that are going to make your life as a "blogger" much more efficient.

  • 100's of critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Automated publishing directly to your website
  • Writing goals and accomplishments
  • SEO analysis and checks
  • Content structure analysis
  • Ability to template content
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

This is where you are going to be creating all of your content moving forward. You will be setting writing goals and leveraging the "feature rich" platform for writing. If you are worried about your writing skills, the SiteContent interface is going to help you understand where you are making writing errors and help you correct them in a very efficient manner.

It is going to be your go to writing tool moving forward and it is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate members only!

I have created a little walk-through video called "Creating Your Initial Website Content (Framework), showing you around the platform and how to best benefit from it. Watch the video below.


Task 1: Creating Your "About Me" POST

To establish a brand online in any niche, you need to build trust with your audience. The best way to initially do this is through an "about me" style page. Every successful website will have some information about their brand, who they are and why they want to help people.

Your first task today is going to be to create your About Me page and you are going to be doing this directly within the SiteContent platform.

Within your Templates tab, you are going to see that you already have the framework for your About Me page already outlined.

Simply click on the About Me template and it will take you into the SiteContent editor. This is where you will be creating your content for your About Me page.

The first thing you are going to want to do is choose a title that is appropriate for your about me page. There are several options that I suggest you choose from in terms of your naming convention.

  • About Me
  • About NAME (ex. About Kyle)
  • About SITE (ex. About Real Deal Affiliate, About RDA)
  • About Us

The most natural and the option that I have always used because I feel it resonates and creates the most trust is "About Me" or "About Kyle", because it is the most direct. It feels like I am here for you and I am here to help (which is the case with every site I create).

Then you will want to populate the content. Do know that this is just a guideline, as you edit this post you can add new headings and of course you are in full control of the content and your story.

This is not a rigid exercise here, you are YOUR OWN brand and you can build out your content in any way you like, but this will give you a good guideline here.

After your are done doing this you will be click the Publish button in the right corner, just above your editor. This is going to allow you to publish directly to your website (see below).

Upon clicking Publish, you will get a pop-up that will allow you to choose how you want to publish the content. This is a 4 step process.

Step 1: You will want to choose your website that you want to Publish to, in this case it will be my "" website.

Step 2: Choose "Post", not a "Page". The reason is all POSTS allow for comments on them and this is a page on my website where I am going to want to allow people to leave comments and feedback. Pretty much every article you publish moving forward will be done so as a "Post".

Step 3: Choose the user. If this is a new site, you will likely only have an Admin user. That is fine, choose that as your user.

Step 4: Choose the URL plug. Leave it "as is". You shouldn't need to change your URL plug, this is something that you can leave.

The Click Publish. Upon doing so, SiteContent is going to run a duplicate content check, and then publish the content to your website. Since you wrote your About Me page it will be 100% unique.

Task 2: Adding Your "Privacy Policy" PAGE

All major affiliate programs and all advertising platforms require that you have a "Privacy Policy" on your website. This is a formality more than anything and it is very much a standardized document.

You are going to want to load up the Privacy Policy Template from your templates.

Upon doing so, you will get a standardized Privacy Policy page. You are just going to need to make a few edits within the content to update this Privacy Policy and make it relevant to your website.

Change => Your Website URL

In the case of my website, I changed it to There about 10-11 instances of this that you will need to update within the Privacy Policy.

Then you will want to change:

Change => Your Email Address

This could be any email you want, you could even create a free gmail account for the purpose of this. Or if you don't feel comfortable leaving your email at the moment, this can be something that you provide to people at a later date.

Upon updating the and to your website details, you will want to Publish the Privacy Policy to your website.

Publish as a Page.

The reason you want to create this as a Page, not a Post is because Pages don't allow for comments. You don't want people commenting on your Privacy Policy, whereas you are going to want to allow for comments and engagement on the rest of your website (as it is good for rankings).

NOTE: If you do publish as a page and there are comments there, not to worry. That is just how your "theme" you chose was designed and it will not present any issues moving forward.

You are all set with your first few pages of content on your website. If you have any questions about the creation of your "about me" or "privacy policy" pages, leave them below.

Kudos to you for your hard work thus far, in the next lesson we are going to be covering navigation on your website and how to create custom menus. ;)

Tasks 0/3 completed
1. Watch the "Creating Your Initial Website Framework" Walk-through Video
2. Create & Publish Your "About Me" POST
3. Create & Publish Your Privacy Policy PAGE

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Nikkidew2 Premium
The details that are pointed out about making yourself comfortable and welcoming everyone are very much appreciated. I can tell ya'll really do put care and time and effort into this program and that's amazing!!! I applaud all the hard work that goes onto making this the best experience for us
Newme202 Premium
You're welcome 😁
Let us know if you have any questions or need clarification
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for recognizing the work that goes into creating a program like this. Kyle and a group of expert marketers in WA worked together on this.

It is most challenging to make the training doable and clear to everyone.

Your awareness of details will be a positive asset for you as you do our niche website.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

That's awesome, we are glad you are enjoying the training here.

Kindly let us know when needing help or having further questions.

Welcome to WA and our community.
Mary613 Premium
Hi there!

I went through this 8th Step: Creating Custom Menus on Your Website. While following the instruction from the video, I did not find a menu on - the footer and other menus.Is there someting missing in my WordPress design?

I appreciate anyone's comment or response.

Thank you,
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi You need create them in Appearance > Menus. That's WordPress sites back office.

You can create a primary, top, footer and social icons menus.

Sometimes it can be in relation to the theme and what it allows however you would be able do at least a primary menu.

jghwebbrand Premium
Not all WordPress themes have a footer menu.
When you log into back office ->appearance -> customize
click on menu then when in menu screen does menu locations show footer? If not your theme does not have a footer.

We use the free Astra Wordpress theme and it does have a footer menu capability.
Greg2112 Premium Plus
is this one of my videos or Kyle's video?
Mary613 Premium
It is Kyle's video. It looks like it depends on the WordPress theme design that we have chosen. The theme I've chosen doesn't have a footer...Anyway, it's okay.

Thank you.
jghwebbrand Premium
If you are looking for a free theme with a footer menu, we use Astra.
We have used its for several years.
countrylife Premium
Hey you all, my name is Lula. I am coming to the end of my third month here at WA, I benefitted greatly from the program, the training is second to none, thanks to Kyle. I am loving the community, they are so helpful and willing voluntarily to share their experiences and wisdom. I am doing my own niche as well as building up my MMO (make money online niche) though Kyle would say to only focus on ONE niche at a time. One thing I learned starting out is to figure out my niche, TARGET AUDIENCE and start building original content off the bat as soon as signing up to the platform because by far it is the bulk of my site and takes the longest to rank in the search engines. (rank not index)
Wishing you all well, continued success and a terrific day.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
That's awesome, we are glad you are enjoying the training here.

Kindly let us know when needing help or having further questions.

Welcome to WA and our community.
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for sharing.
We have noticed that you are very active in answering questions as well and that is wonderful. Thanks for your help and contributions as well.
iyamed Premium
i am a new member here and completing my first 7 free days trying to learn wat this is all about and not yet sure whether this journey suits me or not. but i want to know if in case i upgrade to premium and paid for the first month do i get 30 more days to train or else my 7 free days are deducted out of it and i get only 3 weeks time only to learn more and get convinced about this path
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi you get a whole month .

For the first seven days you can test drive platform full premium access to see if it fits with your business needs and objectives.

WA is a learning platform that teaches you how to build a successful website for affiliate marketing. You need to read all the information, watch all the videos and complete each task as you are requested to do so. (source: Diane)

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires months of consistent work. You are building a genuine online business for your future.

As and when you decide to become a Premium, your first month would be $19 then $49 monthly afterwards until you cancel

Or $49 first month then $99 monthly afterwards for premium plus + tier subscribers.

To learn more

Comparison Chart

Meanwhile I'd ask as many questions as I want to get clarifications,

Welcome to WA and our community.
michaelw777 Premium
I am just going to say in your case; to know for sure. Ask Kyle and Carson; they are The Pros to ask.

Just click the magnifying glass up above; in the search bar; put in Kyle; and go from there.

You should do the same thing for Carson too.

I have been told they can be busy.

To Other Members; please don't take Offense; this is the best way I can see to help this new Member.

Hope this helps?
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Yeah, I'd have to agree with AbieAJ on this one! However, if interested, you can get 140 free days if you upgrade to Premium Plus. Thanks!
countrylife Premium
Hey Lyaad
When I paid the $19 I got a whole month, my 7 days full premium access was not deducted from my first payment month.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
iyamed Premium
okay. thank u so much for replying.
iyamed Premium
ok.thanks a lot
Arabianaroma Premium
A very warm late evening from Scotland to all, Well as in the old day's people used to ask the Elders for advice for every minor problem they face, So since I'm also in the same boat as you friend are but I have my own way of thinking even if I'm 61 years old and that is that there's no harm in Dreaming Big so Frankly my goal is to make at least 200 Million out of this Gold Mine. But the only thing that everyone should understand is First you have to sacrifice and I don't mean that you JUMP of the Cliff what I mean is Seriously just PAY AND KEEP YOURSELVES FOCUSED ON lISTENING TO THE VIDEOS AND READING THROUGH EVERYTHING SINGLE WORD AND ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT we ALLarehere for a reason, And I'm sure there's nothing Impossible so just be patience and enjoy
with Blessing and lick from Scotland to all brothers
AbieAJ Premium Plus
That's awesome, we are glad you are enjoying the training here.

Kindly let us know when needing help or having further questions.

Welcome to WA and our community.
jghwebbrand Premium
It is so great to meet you. Thanks for introducing yourself and motivating us all to keep focused. My guess is you like to encourage others and blog.

We are delighted that you are here.

We wish you much success as you learn how this works and work toward achieving your goals.
Thank you so much sir.
I appreciate your effort.
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Pleased to meet you and very well said.