NICHES. The scariest word for most people when starting out. However, the idea of a niche should not scare you. Instead it should be exciting.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a distinct segment of a market, in other words an "audience".

When choosing a niche that fits you, you should be choosing something that is ideally an interest, a passion, a hobby, but it could be something that you would like to learn about. You don't need to BE an expert, you BECOME an expert.

I personally enjoy many different things. I enjoy basketball, I used to collect baseball cards, I like to go skiing, I am really interested in men's fashion, exercise, internet marketing, and I love everything about the online business world.

There are also many niches over the years that I have been very successful within without knowing anything about them before getting into them. Dieting, Karaoke, Cycling, Sun Protection...are just a few.

Almost anything you can think of is a niche and that is why we are going to get you to choose YOUR niche based on things that you are interested in. You can earn money online from absolutely every single niche because there are billions of people out there searching for information, for solutions, and spending billions of dollars or products/services every day.

The idea of a niche can be a little confusing at first, so I have created a video walk-through for this lesson "Choosing Your Direction - It Starts With a Niche" that is going to walk you through what a niche is, how you earn money through a niche, and I will get you choosing your initial direction online.

Check out the video below.


Your online business should not feel like a day job. Earning money online should be fun, and it is fun. This all starts with choosing a niche that you are interested in and will enjoy working with.

The MORE you enjoy doing something the LESS it feels like a job and the more productive you are going to be. Carson and I are immensely passionate about online business and teaching people how to make money online, so that is the niche we have chosen with Wealthy Affiliate.

Your niche could be anything, but at the core of your niche selection it should be something that you "like". Something you enjoy. Something you can talk about. Something you want to learn about.

Task 1: Choose Your Direction

We want you to select the niche that interests you most and gets you the most excited. There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche.

Here are a few example niches out of 1,000's of potential ones:

  • Natural Skin Care
  • Learn How to Play Basketball
  • Starting an Online Business
  • Learn Sand Art
  • Baby Feeding
  • Wine Making
  • Cryptocoin Investing
  • How to Write Faster
  • Black and White Photography
  • Go Kart Racing
  • Make-up Tutorials

There are so many directions you can head, so simply choose an audience that you want to work with.

Also, note that you can always change your niche down the road. Just because you are choosing a niche now does not mean you will be in this particular niche forever. Either way, please do not spend a week choosing your niche. Within the next 15-30 minutes (maximum) you should have your "starting point" niche chosen.

    If you have any questions about your niche, feel free to leave a question below in the comments area and we will help you out.

    If you are REALLY STUCK at this point and you cannot decide on a niche, perhaps you may be interested in the make money/affiliate marketing niche. If you don't have a niche at this point, this will be your niche and we have an Affiliate Bootcamp dedicated to those that are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate (one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the world).

    ==> Go here if that is you.

    If you have any questions about your "niche" or direction of your business and you want to get feedback from the community, leave them below and we will be happy to help.

    Onto the next lesson, building a website! Exciting stuff is ahead! :)

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    2. Choose YOUR Niche!

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    "After you website is created then you will add content to it about your niche and later add affiliate links so you can make some money."
    Gods2 had written that within his post to Jghwebbrand. I am curious as to what he means. he is talking about one's niche.
    have you any thoughts?
    this is the post so you don't go crazy trying to find it:
    @Gods2 You will choose a niche first. What you are passionate about to share and help others with. After you choose one niche (its one niche for a website) then you think about a name for your website. Your domain name can be included in your niche idea if you choose.. After you website is created then you will add content to it about your niche and later add affiliate.
    TheAbie Premium Plus
    Super welcome to WA.

    You may follow up the training step by step at own pace, I tend to do a bit of learning, a bit of implementing. Ticking checklists bottom of lessons, tasks and activities asked of you to complete in order to set up properly and guide you through the process.

    You may click the training tab top menu and head to where it says Online Entrepreneur Certification. A direct link Anytime you feel stuck you may reach out to the live chat here, or ask your questions in the core training.

    See also this resource from Kyle
    jghwebbrand Premium
    It is important to follow the training lesson by lesson so things make sense for you.

    Here is your link for the training in case you ever need it. The following also ;explains the above.
    How to Make Money Online. The Process explained
    thank you kyle! i have to get caught up, and by that, i mean finishing my bio. i think i left off before i put in some goals. i will look at the film "how to make money online - the process explained" when i get done with at least that much.
    jghwebbrand Premium
    thank you!
    KirkSr Premium
    I went with Fitnessforu. I'm thinking since we are all different our strategy and our thoughts about our fitness should be yours. The workout clothes and shoes, exercise, diet and supplements should be personal to you. Even where you exercise is a choice. I want to give everyone that choice. I'm just unsure how to do that.
    jghwebbrand Premium
    we can see why you don't know what to do next. Your niche is too broad. It is best to start by focusing on a group of people and how specifically you wish to help them initially, You can expand your niche scope later. But of the things you have listed, workout clothes and shoes, exercise, diet and supplements, which one are you most passionate about. How can you help someone with your choice? What are the associated problems you can help them with.

    Here's an example of narrowing your niche. to start.
    How to narrow a niche down How To Expand Your niche later A niche should be for a targeted group of people
    wow that's a great idea thinking for the comfort of the next person
    TheAbie Premium Plus
    Fitness is broad and it needs be niched down dramatically.

    You ought to discuss an aspect of fitness to a qualified group of people who would be your target audience (that could be beginners or another group you have in mind), you would help people by giving them advice on an aspect, walk them through your journey and then promote products however relevant.

    Also a niche is not a product vs a subject.

    The more focused a niche website is starting out, the better chance it has to start having traction and traffic.

    Please be aware you also need to create lots of content addressing issues related to your focused niche website.

    Most important is to be passionate and genuinely interested in your niche
    Barbara1466 Premium
    I am watching level 1 getting started training, and I just finished the how to build your website... My question is, is absolutely everything I need to run an affiliate business integrated into WA? Do or wil I need to have things like Bluehost, or Click Funnels, Click Magic... or anything like that?
    TheAbie Premium Plus
    No unless you want to. However primarily upkeep of your subscription to the platform and your dot com domain name.
    jghwebbrand Premium
    Hosting for 10 websites is included in your Paid Premium membership so Bluehost is not needed. To supplement the Online Entrepreneur Certification training. (Levels 1 - 5) you will find webinars (menubar classes tab) that will show you how to make your own sales funnels how to use social media and so much more.

    Since WA uses WordPress you have access to thousands of no charge themes and plugins for added functionality. So WA is a very comprehensive platform with training, tools and 24 x 7 support.
    My idea for a niche may be combining multiple niches, but that might be good as it can broaden my income from various sources. The thought is to make a website that directs people to merch for various entertainment sources (Movies, TV, Anime, Video Games, Sports are what I have thought of now). Say someone wants a Walking Dead hoodie, for example, that would be on my website within the TV category with links to different options from different sellers. Maybe they love Rocky and want some Rocky shorts? Same thing. The site could provide links to tons of stuff...NFL jerseys, mugs with characters from different media, clothing based on the media, stickers, wallets, flags, posters, and whatever else I can think of. Of course I'd probably like to begin with only part of this idea as I learn how to build it out, but the more think about this the more I think I can really gain a LOT of traffic on this site!
    feigner Premium
    ok, so how are you going to attract the attention of google and your customers...
    why would they come to your site...
    why would google rank your site full of links...
    what makes your site stand out...
    unless you are driving traffic to your site then the chances are that you may not have any visitors...
    you could use pinterest to gain some traffic...or other social media...
    jghwebbrand Premium
    I get the feeling that you want to be a big ecommerce site with a lot of products you like. The challenge will be how to get traffic to your site and how will you get it to rank?
    If your website is just products then it would just be yet another shop among the millions already out there and Google would not rank your site high enough to be found.

    That is why WA training suggests you choose a focus for a targeted group of people. For example I like camping. So my niche is to help new campers with the essentials they need to have a safe and enjoyable camping experience. There are many informational things I can share about camping (the how tos, whys, cans and cautions) Plus there are related products I can write product review about. My website is all about camping so that is what the visitors and search engines will know it for. And that is how it ranks and grows in traffic and authority.

    Who do you really want to help and why and how? You website is for people who want help and are looking for something.
    TheAbie Premium Plus
    The recommendation is to focus on ONE site starting out as it takes lots of effort and work get it going, however once you know what you are doing, then the learning curve would be less steeper to scale up.

    And so it is ONE niche, a website. Products and programs can be varied however all must be relevant to the niche. Otherwise you'd confuse your visitors and google.

    The more focused a niche website is starting out, the better chance it has to start having traction and traffic.

    You ought to discuss an aspect of a focused niche to a qualified group of people who would be your target audience (that could be beginners or another group you have in mind), you would help people by giving them advice on an aspect, walk them through your journey and then promote products however relevant
    Hi All,my question is regarding my domain. I came to WA already owning my domain name and I am enjoying the classes. What I want to know is if I build the website here is it possible to transfer it to the domain name I own and are there any restrictions in regards to moving it in this manner.
    jghwebbrand Premium
    You most certainly can MOVE your free website to the domain name you already own. This is taught in Level 2 lesson 7.

    You can even point your purchased domain name to WA servers so WA servers is your website hosting service.

    To do all of the above it is necessary to become a paid premium member. As of today Paid premium membership includes the hosting of 10 websites.

    WA is a platform that offers so much training, tools and 24 x 7 support to grow and online business.

    Do enjoy your free training and a test drive of the WA platform as you start as a free member.
    TheAbie Premium Plus
    You can indeed, however hosting is included with a premium subscription to the platform.