NICHES. The scariest word for most people when starting out. However, the idea of a niche should not scare you. Instead it should be exciting.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a distinct segment of a market, in other words an "audience".

When choosing a niche that fits you, you should be choosing something that is ideally an interest, a passion, a hobby, but it could be something that you would like to learn about. You don't need to BE an expert, you BECOME an expert.

I personally enjoy many different things. I enjoy basketball, I used to collect baseball cards, I like to go skiing, I am really interested in men's fashion, exercise, internet marketing, and I love everything about the online business world.

There are also many niches over the years that I have been very successful within without knowing anything about them before getting into them. Dieting, voice over IP, hosting...are just a few.

Almost anything you can think of is a niche and that is why we are going to get you to choose YOUR niche based on things that you are interested in. You can earn money online from absolutely every single niche because there are billions of people out there searching for information, for solutions, and spending billions of dollars or products/services every day.

The idea of a niche can be a little confusing at first, so I have created a video walk-through for this lesson "Choosing Your Direction - It Starts With a Niche" that is going to walk you through what a niche is, how you earn money through a niche, and I will get you choosing your initial direction online.

Check out the video below.


Your online business should not feel like a day job. Earning money online should be fun, and it is fun. This all starts with choosing a niche that you are interested in and will enjoy working with.

The MORE you enjoy doing something the LESS it feels like a job and the more productive you are going to be. Carson and I are immensely passionate about online business and teaching people how to make money online, so that is the niche we have chosen with Wealthy Affiliate.

Your niche could be anything, but at the core of your niche selection it should be something that you "like". Something you enjoy. Something you can talk about. Something you want to learn about.

Task 1: Choose Your Direction

We want you to select the niche that interests you most and gets you the most excited.

A few things that you should understand about niches are:

(1) You are going to be writing content within your niche
(2) You are going to be communicating within your niche
(3) You are going to be choosing products to promote within your niche
(4) You are going to get to help people within your niche.
(5) Your first niche PROBABLY won't be your last (so don't worry about it being perfect)
(6) Any SINGLE niche website can become a "full time" income/business

There is NO SUCH THING as choosing the wrong niche.

Also, note that you can always change your niche down the road. Just because you are choosing a niche now does not mean you will be in this particular niche forever. Either way, please do not spend a week choosing your niche. Within the next 15-30 minutes (maximum) you should have your "starting point" niche chosen.

If you have any questions about your niche, feel free to leave a question below and we will help you out.

If you are REALLY STUCK at this point and you cannot decide on a niche, perhaps you may be interested in the make money/affiliate marketing niche. If you don't have a niche at this point, this will be your niche and we have an Affiliate Bootcamp dedicated to those that are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

==> Go here if that is you.

If you have any qustions about your "niche" or direction of your business and you wan to get feedback from the community, leave them below and we will be happy to help.

Onto the next lesson, building a website! Exciting stuff is ahead! :)

==> Millions of Niches, Even MORE Opportunity! Go Premium, and Solidify Your Future Now!

Tasks 0/2 completed
2. Choose YOUR Niche!

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HectorCryo Premium
Okay, serious question. I have a couple big-time niches in mind that sort of share the top rank of my preferences:
- electronic music
- matcha
- self-education (online courses, ebooks, webinars etc.)

Because I need to pick one to start with, are there any other criteria I need to pick on, other than the list of things to do under the video? (like having to write content, communicating with the niche, choosing the right products / services to promote etc.)?

I hope this question makes sense to those reading this comment :) Thank you, regardless!
yevroma Premium

Self-education is quite a large niche and very competitive, there are some large companies already in this niche. If you'd like to stick with this, you definitely can but just expect a harder time. I'd recommend trying to narrow the self-education down into something more specific, like online courses in a particular field. That way, that you could also support the affiliate links, reviews, and sales with other engaging and relevant content that builds trust in you and your site.

Matcha sounds like a very solid niche if you plan to pursue it. A website for all things matcha is narrow enough that you would have a clear target audience rather than a broad range of people looking for self-help. You would be able to speak as an authority on matcha and of course get sales and visits from people keen to buy or discover matcha.

As for electronic music, I'm sorry I don't have much in the way of a recommendation for this as I'm not sure how you could monetize your website with it. Maybe some of the other more experienced folks on here would be give you some direction.

Best regards,
feigner Premium
i know one and three are huge topics you would have to narrow down to make any headway in but in google trends - which one would you pick
would you look into whether there are any groups - yep
any forums containing it - yep
go through a quick search in google and see if ads come up - yep
just follow your nose - nope
create a content strategy- yep
find what is related to this [roduct- yep
find out why people drink it- yep....
i'm starting to get specific now....
try answerthepublic dot com to see questions people ask relating to the topics.
or ubersuggest or
and have a good look at google - look at the questions at thetop and the related searches at the bottom.
come up with a few categories for your niche
so don't pick the product itself but why you would use the product and then you can promote this and other prooducts....
don't pick a too health related reason - you will have a hard time with google ranking....
good luck
lucbizz Premium
Pick the one you are most passionate about.
HectorCryo Premium
Oh wow, that's a freat deal of insights you gave! Will already start researching these aspects, because yeah - electronic muaic can be broken down into teaching it, or providing sounds, performance sets etc. Thank you for that, Phil!
HectorCryo Premium
That is very true. Given this, it is rather logical to tap into Matcha one first since it's narrow enough already! Thank you Yev :)
I hope if you don't mind..can I ask if how can you earn credits on this platform so that I can upgrade myself to premium? or how can I use my link to refer it to somebody I know? So that I can also help him. I hope you don't mind.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - as a starter member, you cannot earn any credits here. The only way to upgrade is to pay the subscription fee.

Your personal referral link can be found by clicking on the dollar symbol at the top of the page and clicking on links and tracking. You can email the link to your friend, and if they upgrade you can earn a commission.
littlemama Premium
Hi Princess, You can make money using other online opportunities first like on or (sell your services), an online job, or get a local job, and then come back to buy the Premium membership.

Or you can use your free account to use WA's affiliate program to earn by taking your affiliate link found on top menu under the $ icon > Links & Tracking, and go promote it on forums, social media, etc... However, you may find that most platforms don't allow affiliate links.

So, you'll need to put the affiliate link on your website, which you get one free with your free account. Go through the first 10 free lessons to get your free website.

Without Premium though, it'll be very hard for you to earn from your website as you won't know what to do with it to make it attract its own visitors, plus many other things you'll need to know about building this business.

I can tell you right now that this training is indeed worth it as I was able to have results like this recently: So, do as much as you can to earn $19 so you can pay for the first month here and earn more so you can pay for the second month which is $49. Building this online business takes time, so you need to have another source of income first before building this.

I hope this helps you,
That is what I wanted to do - earn the membership fee before applying for Premium. I do want to do Premium, but I don't have a lot of extra money to go Premium without earning it first.
Thank you, little mama. I will do exactly as that.. thank you very much. because of that will go for now and I will be back in a bit. Thank you again.. I hope you have a nice and blessed day ahead. ;)
littlemama Premium
There are tons of opportunities out there to earn Tyler, you can check out my YouTube channel that's linked on my profile to see all the different ways to earn online.
littlemama Premium
You're welcome Princess, just make sure you keep your account info to come back. :)
NicolaD1 Premium
Thanks for great video!

My website has an error, the 'e' didn't come out in the footer or the top left of my site, so it says, 'Th Age-Defying Vegan' instead of 'The'.

How do I correct this please? I can't find any 'footer modification' etc and I need to change the top left too,

Many thanks

feigner Premium
Hi Nikki - to change the title of your site go into the wordpress dashboard and click on settings general and you will find the title there.
the footer modification should be under appearance - customize and in there there should be footer...
but it may not be in that maybe in the site identity...or elsewhere.
the designers of these templates express their personalities in things they can alter and the customize menu structure is one of them....
best to look at the themes homepage for documentation on your particular theme
good luck
Diana124 Premium
Hi all, just a quick question regarding Jaaxy, not sure how it works, where is it getting this search information, from whole GOOGLE or USA or Canada only? I am in the UK and would like to target people in UK, will it show me relevant information for UK market? p.s. Thanks, great stuff to learn on here! :)
feigner Premium
carson created an article on where jaaxy gets its data from can you target just the uk...hmmm well as data is oming from then not really - but if you are going for local seo ou will be putting the town or city in
if it is general then i maybe would be looking at or other search engines that can change location - and if you are using google autocomplete then make sure to use = nd look at the related searches as well....
good luck
HildeRegine Premium
From many different search engines around the world. It covers 99,7% of all searches
ZayK Premium
Jaaxy gets the data from Google. I have found Ubersuggest to be better when I want to target local SEO.
Diana124 Premium
Thank you all, it's all so useful! 🙏
luisete2 Premium
Regarding the topic of board games: board games shop/stores are a good topic to focus on?

There are tons of keywords including the word store or shop related to board games with a lot of traffic and almost no competition: but I'm concerned it may not be related enough to my webpage, which talks about these games and does recommendations. What do you think?
DianeK59 Premium
On first glance, I like the topic. I can see a lot of potential in it.