OK, awesome. You now have your niche, in other words, the direction for your brand & business. That is great and don't worry about this not being "perfectly clear" at this point, as you move forward the pieces of the puzzle are going to come together.

Starting with a big piece today, your website. We are going to be taking our niche idea and turning it into a tangible business starting with your website.

Building a Website Ain't Scary, It's FUN!

Building a website sounds like a "scary" process, but fortunately you have access to the most advanced, yet simplistic website platform in the world here at Wealthy Affiliate. We pride ourselves as a technology company here at Wealthy Affiliate and we are the industry leaders in the website development space.

I am not going to toot our horn any longer, I would rather you experience the website builder and platform for itself. The first step today is going to be building your website, which will literally take you less than 30 seconds.

Click the SiteBuilder link

within the menu, and you are going to be ready to rock here (and complete the next task).

Below I have included a "Building Your Website in Under 30 Seconds" video walking you through the Website Platform (also known as SiteRubix) here at WA and showing you how quickly and efficiently you can build a website here at Wealthy Affiliate.


Task 1: Build Your Website

Your website is your foundation of your business. It is where all of your traffic is ultimately going to come to, where you are going to build brand and trust within the industry, and where you can promote products/services and generate $$$!

The SiteBuilder platform here at WA is the most simplistic, yet advanced in the industry. It is going to take less than 30 seconds to get a fully operational, profit ready Wordpress website up and running online.

There are 4 steps in the website build process, that I am going to walk you through here. To access the SiteBuilder and EVERYTHING related to your website, you will simply click the light blue "SiteRubix" button in the main menu.

Step 1: Choose the Kind of Website

There are really TWO options here, on a FREE website or on your OWN domain. Ideally, you will have your own domain, but that can come with time.

You can "register" your very own domains right within Wealthy Affiliate using our state of the art SiteDomains platform, which will allow you to instantly set-up your own domain for your own use.

If you are just starting out as a Starter member, you will be building a website on the .siterubix.com domain, which is a completely free website. You can build and host up to 2 FREE websites as a Starter.

As a Premium member, you can build and host up to 25 free websites and the ability to create 25 sites on your own domains (total 50 websites). That is more than adequate to drive many multi-million dollar businesses over time.

For the sake of this training, we are going to be choosing "On a free domain".

Do know that within the Premium membership, you can easily MOVE a free .siterubix.com button to a registered domain (one you may own) using the "Premium Only" MOVE feature. So by all means start off with a free website and then down the road you can move it to your own domain.

Step 2: Choose a Domain

Remember last lesson when I chose my "niche". In this step, I am going to be choosing a name for my website and placing it in the "domain name" field. This is because this will be my website URL and my brand moving forward.

As you can see below, I have added my brand "how to lose belly fat today" into the domain field.

When you type in your domain, it will let you know if it is available or not. In my case it was, but if your first choice is not available simply do another search until you find a domain name that works for you.

You cannot put spaces in your domain name, hence why my domain is "howtolosebellyfattoday".

Step 3: Choose a Website Name

The name of your website should match your domain, but it just needs to be grammatically correct (with proper spacing). You can see below my example of this:

Domain: basketballskillsanddrills.stierubix.com

Title: Basketball Skills and Drills

It is as simple as that. Don't overthink this step, your title will be the same as your domain.

Step 4: Choose a Design

The last step is choosing a "look" for your theme. As a Starter member you will have access to one theme that has been hand picked for quality, speed, security, and overall theme design.

As a Premium Member though you will have access to over 4,134 designs (as shown below) or your website and there are always new designs being added to this daily. These are referred to as "Themes".

Choose a design that you like.

Click on the design you like, and then you will be able to build your site.

SiteRubix, a Next Level Website and Hosting Platform.

You are going to notice that there are many other website features allocated within the SiteRubix menu. I don't want to eat up too much of your time here, but it is important that you understand the incredible benefits of the SiteRubix platform.

The powerful hosting you have access you here is unparalleled in the Managed Wordpress hosting industry. We truly specialize here in providing a secure, robust and FAST platform for you to run your website.

We know that your website IS your business, and it is important that you have the most advanced technology to keep your business operating at 100% at all times of the day.

The following are just some of the powerful features included within the SiteRubix platform here at WA.

  • SiteManager (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteContent (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteBuilder (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteDomains (Starter & Premium)

To make your sites secure and fast, we have some SiteRubix EXCLUSIVE technologies to make sure your websites are operating at lightening speeds, but also in a very secure way that protects you from hackers, spammers, and all forms of erroneous attacks.

There you have it, the low down of the SiteRubix platform and you have your website officially up and running online. Exciting stuff!

As we move forward within the training we are going to be building out your website content, and working to get indexed and ranked in Google, Bing & Yahoo (and do so for free).

Have questions about this lesson? Leave them below in the comments area and we will be more than happy to help you out. :)

==> Premium Members Get Instant Access to Over 4,100+ Themes, and Over 60,000 Plugins!

Tasks 0/2 completed
2. Build your first website in your respective niche (chosen from last lesson)

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Kyle, I have been into bodybuilding for decades and have taken a vast array of supplements and still do, I know the difference between creatine, glutamine and branch chain amino acids with other pre and post workout supplementation.
I also have 5 dogs and know quite a bit about the pet industry.
I really want to promote self development, self improvement products and services.
Should I go with what I have the most experience in?
boomergp08 Premium
I can answer for Kyle. The answer to your question is YES.

You are going to be writing a lot of content posts and when you are very knowledgeable in what you are informing your website readers about you will gain their trust. This will eventually lead to sales.

Another thing to remember is that eventually once your first affiliate website is basically running itself in about a year, you can start another affiliate website in another of your interested niches. Most of us here have more than one affiliate websites.
Elizabeth115 Premium
I have not set up my All In One yet. I am using Yoast at present. If I deactivate, will it interfere with all of my blog posts? I was working on the setup and stopped because I was not sure if the two would conflict with each other. I was told earlier today that the two would conflict with others, so I stopped the process.
boomergp08 Premium
Yes, you definitely do not want to use both plugins at the same time. Choose one.
Elizabeth115 Premium
Thanks, Boomer,
I want to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. It’s rare to find friends with whom you can share information, but also its people like you who make a difference in this world. Let’s keep in touch.

boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Elizabeth. It was my pleasure to help you.
YMerritt Premium
I deleted an old domain site, but I want to use the same name. I started to build the new site with a new theme, but now I am getting a 'no access' message and I am not being allowed to log on. I am stuck until I can get into the Admin area. Any help with this will be appreciated. Thank you.
psalisbury1 Premium
Hi Yolanda, you may want to contact site support on that one

YMerritt Premium
Thank you, Phil
Question: let’s say I know what niche I want to be in, and am ready to make a website. To become an affiliate marketer, legally, do I have to register the domain and apply for an LLC or business license to do so? What is the legal process of starting in this market?
boomergp08 Premium
You do want to purchase a dot com domain name because that will give you a better chance to rank and to build trust.

As for getting a business license or applying for an LLC, it may not be necessary where you live. You will have to consult your local laws.
Noticed in the comments below that by lesson 4 your web site is up and running..i have just been going through the learning process and though i was just going to go through all 10 lessons and then start... am i supposed to be doing each step for real as we go.. that scares me a bit being not that great with this kind of knowledge...really want to do this but getting discouraged the further i get...please help..
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - it is easier to complete each task as you are asked to do so, and build the foundation of your website. If you just read everything, some of it won't make sense until you apply it to your website, and will look too confusing.

The training is structured in a logical way to walk you through the process. You can't break anything and can ask for help when you need it.
butch447 Premium
Hi Lyne I am very new to WA myself and I would suggest to do the steps as you go rather than doing lessons and going back, It all makes sense as you build your site
I think I feel the same
Glad to hear I'm not alone..so want to do this but it's complicated for someone like me that computer terms are not my strength.. younger generation has no problem with this...
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - there are members here in their 80s and 90s, so you are just a spring chicken! Ask as many questions as you need to.
Thank you...