As marketers we tend to think everything revolves around Google but there are many other ways to get traffic that have little to nothing to do with Google.

Having a Facebook fan page that links to your money blog is one way to grab some extra traffic. And there is no need to make it a lot of extra work.

For a great tutorial on how to create your first Facebook fan page go here:

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

This is the tutorial that got me off my backside to finally get this done.

Thanx ssknowing!

I have seen many blog posts that have a Facebook "like" button on them so I knew that linking someone else's blog to your Facebook account was a prevalent practice and if you provided this option to your blog readers then other members of Facebook would be exposed to your blog... all for free (as in no money).

But can more be done?

Could I connect my blog to my Facebook fan page so that content could be shared without me having to make separate post?

Well as matter of fact, yes.

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C-Mac Premium
How do you actually add a facebook button to your webpage?
Hamish-S Premium
Hey there, C-Mac. I spent several hours the other night trying to find a way to do that. In the end, the easiest solution for me was to find and install a plugin called Sharify. Here’s a link if you want to read more about it:

Hope that helps. Cheers.
C-Mac Premium
Just saw this. Banks so much Hamish!
What is first step to do
How to get started and how it's work
RobertB1 Premium
Could I get some feedback on the Facebook Page I just created?
judebanks Premium
It's a bit quirky. I "liked it". In my opinion, one photo/drawing of you would be sufficient. Seeing it twice doesn't add anything. There's not enough content yet for me to comment further but it's a good start. ~Jude
RichB Premium
thanks for the info! did you buy the "no ad" version or are you running with ads? how intrusive are they?