I know that our chiefs here in wealthy affiliate has provided us with thousands of free images but without doubt you must one time or the other need to source free images from somewhere else. Like today I was searching the Google where I used to get free images and I found out that Google has changed the way we search thee site for images

Three groups of Google Images

  1. Business images
  2. advertising images
  3. Free images

You may not see the free images but you have to type it into the search engine for you to see it and they have beautiful sight over there. But then they gave this warning " the images you call free images may not be free after all" Then comes the instruction;"Make sure the images you are using have no restriction or have license agreement that allows you to use the them the way you want it"

You can now see that getting images may not be safe from Google. Agree with me?

In my next page I will tell you a secret about google and their images

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Steven-A Premium
great advice, I didn't know how to check Google use rights. Thanks.
CarolMeador Premium
Very helpful. Thanks. Carol
Bibian2 Premium
Thanks for finding it helpful
codevonish Premium
If I can't find what I am looking for on site content I alwcays go to Wikimedia first.
Bibian2 Premium
It always carries a lot of free images
StefanieT Premium
Hey there, I probably need to go back and check some of my old images from when I was first starting out so thanks for he advice.

Did you know there is an easier way to do this. Once you are on the images page, along the top menu you can then go to tools, then click on 'usage rights', then 'labelled for reuse', then it will filter ALL of the images before you have wasted time going through them all.

I'm not sure if that's the way you are already doing it, but it's a lot easier :-)
Bibian2 Premium
Thanks for sharing Stefanie
Genelda Premium
Handy to know! Thanks