So there you have it...thirty NEW ideas to start researching for yourself.

All you have to do is type exactly the words 'HOW TO' into your browser and you will be amazed at all the options available to you!

At the bottom of that page you are going to find at least 8 more 'most searched for words...READY MADE KEYWORDS for you!

Good Luck!


I always welcome and appreciate any positive questions related to the topic, positive feedback, or comments.

Don't forget, if I don't answer you straight away, I'm in South Australia and sometimes our times zones are quite different :)

I hope you have found this post useful...if you did...please click the GREEN LIKE button!

Thanks for taking the time...I know how busy you are!

Best wishes and much success...

Steve :)

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rhudkins Premium
As always, great stuff to use that alphabet soup technique
albert22 Premium
Another excellent list of suggestions, Steve. Thanks for posting!
Steve1958 Premium
You're welcome!
MarionBlack Premium
Great tip on the last page Steve. Thanks for sharing.
Steve1958 Premium
Thanks Mazza...
What would I do without you?
ETZEL Premium
I'm happy you'reon track again !

And have a nice day !

Some advices for you too

Steve1958 Premium
Thanks Attila..

Getting there more bout of surgery on Friday afternoon...

Thanks for your link...I'll have a look...

Hope you have a great week...

ETZEL Premium
Take care !
ChrisShouse Premium
Very nice lists thanks for sharing.
Steve1958 Premium
You're welcome Chris :)