Menus are those which are seen at the top of the pages of a site. These are placed below header indicating location (PAGES) of contents.

It gives an abridged view of the contents of the site in the form of pages.

It is broader in concept, meaning thereby that you can create further pages within a Menu.

This is the first step in creating a structure of the site. It gives a bird’s eye view of the contents that anyone can find within the site.

Menus are the bouquet of pages

There is more than one menu in a site

Menus are consisting of pages. A Menu can have more than one page within it, as per requirement of the site owner.

Every page created is generally included in a menu. It may be a menu in itself (One page Menu). It may be a page under a Menu. Even it may not be included in a Menu at all.


Menus are the guidance about the contents of the site for the visitor. So, these should be visible to the visitors.

There are different placements of menu like,

A. Primary Menu

B. Side bar menu

C. Footer menu

The primary menu is generally placed at the top, Sidebar menus are placed at the right or left of a page. The Footer menu is placed at the bottom.

Whereas top Menu is always there, the provision for Side bar Menu or Footer Menu depends on the particular theme being used.

It is therefore advisable to check for the Menus available in a particular theme intended to be used.


Pages are the places where contents are written. Number of pages together creates a Menu.

Pages are fixed in nature. It means that the contents of a page are fixed until you change it.

Therefore a page should contain such matters which are not likely to be changed in a short period of time.

Kyle has aptly described it as ‘Evergreen content’. It is changed only when it is required.

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Christabelle Premium
A nice review Swadesh!
JFergus Premium
Thanks Swadesh for this training. Very helpful.

Question - when clicking on 'publish', does this publish to the outside world? Can you explain that process?
Inspiration1 Premium
Here publishing means the matter posted is now visible on your website. And yes, it is now visible to the outside world,whoever access the site. Hope you have got it.
Inspiration1 Premium
Here publishing means that your posting is now visible on your website. Yes, anyone from the outside world, who access the site can see the posting after publishing. Hope you have got it.
cschlup54 Premium
Thanks for writting this in Layman's terms so anyone can understand; I have my menue top of page but might look and see how side would look if my theme accepts it; thanks
Inspiration1 Premium
Generally side bar is accepted in most of the themes. You may try it.
Joywin Premium
Simple explanations are so helpful when getting started. Thanks
Inspiration1 Premium
Thanks for your comments.It's my happiness i can in any way be helpful to others.My best wishes.
AnteroM Premium
Thanks, for the tutorial!!!
Inspiration1 Premium
You are welcome. My best wishes.