Marketing With Facebook - Creating Marketing Pages
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Description This course will proved individuals with a broad understanding of creating a Facebook page and seeing that it is built out properly. Constructed to their fullest a Facebook store or fan page is a powerful asset for giving you brand a face or representation if you will. Having a well constructed page can lead to more traffic coming from Facebook onto your websites or various other platforms. With Facebook pages also comes Grouping which I cover in another one of my more advanced courses.
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Better Understanding of Social Media Marketing
Improved Authoring Of Content
Steps Needed To Brand
Keeping and Maintaining a Following
Improve posting audience and reach
Improved knowledge of conversions
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sh3ri1985 rated this Course 10/10
Excellent training lesson Ross! I have never had any previous training and the amount of help and confidence this has given me can only help me going forward in my journey. It was very clearly presented, well-structured and easy to understand. Thank you
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