Manufacturing Google Rankings: From Idea to Traffic
1 hour Live Video Training
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DEC 2012
Presented by magistudios
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Would you like to see an article inception all the way from keyword research to article submission?

Ranking on the search engines can certainly have it's challenges when you are flying by the seat of your pants.

But this Friday December 7th at 5PM you have a rare opportunity to watch Jay (magistudios) create an article from scratch and attain traffic.. LIVE!

In this unique live training session:
  • Find a niche to write about
  • Discover a keyword to use
  • Research & develop ideas for content
  • Write the article
  • Submit the content to
  • Write a checklist of what was done
  • Have a Live Q & A Session

Can all this be done within 60 minutes? Watch and learn this Friday!
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Bill67 rated this Webinar 10/10
Some one was not able to see your video. Maybe they will see this.
Some help from Kyle on in the question bar ask "Video not working"
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