Across the globe, there are over 500 million Instagrammers — more than 300 million of whom use Instagram every single day, sharing an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.

Those are huge numbers. And no matter who your audience is — age, gender, occupation, anything — you’ll be sure to reach them through Instagram.

And now Instagram have come out a new feature called Instagram business which mean turn your personal account to business profile and addon "contact" which beside "follow" button. Below is one of my business instagram that i done for setup.


With instagram business, you can let your follower contact you directly by clicking "contact". So you don't have to write info on your bio and can put more description about your business.


Insights on Instagram give businesses actionable information about who their followers are and which posts resonate better than others—all from within the mobile app. By learning more about the behavior and demographics of your audience, you can create more relevant and timely content.

I will show you how to setup your business instagram on next step.

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Hey jacksonchow, Thank You for the informative information, I have a much better idea of the Instagram Business. I appreciate the Information.

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Thank you for taking the time to write this it has given me a good intruduction to Instragram I have ignored social media but with starting an online business I can not ignore any longer.
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Thanks for creating this. I'll definitely refer to this.
jackssonchow Premium
Thanks and happy that it is helpful to you
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Thanks very much for this...
It will come in very handy and I am going to watch it and learn!
Best wishes
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You are welcome Steve, let me know if you have any question :)
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I have bookmarked this so I can use it later. Thank you!
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Thanks you for bookmarked it and helpful to you :)