Local marketing is very big topic these days. If you have not heard of it, then I will give you a brief overview.

Basically, being a good at local marketing is being good at getting rankings under local keywords. If you can do this, you can help local businesses. Business have a lot of money to spend, in particular when it comes to getting more customers...which is exactly what the Internet is doing for companies.

Really, when was the last time you picked up a phone book. People no longer use the yellow pages to search for local businesses, they use the Internet. This is where you can come in as the local keyword expert (after this training anyways0.

A good deal of the opportunity in local marketing starts at the point of keyword research and domain research as local business. When someone is looking for a company locally, the perform a search in Google. Keywords can help you capture these top rankings, that you can go on to sell or you can sell yourself as a local marketing service.

Local keywords in particular will allow you to help local companies get:

  • Relevant Local Traffic
  • Top Google Ranked Websites
  • Their Sites Index and Ranked

In this training I am going to walk you through easy ways to find local keywords that you can get ranked under, what keyword metrics to look for, how to get rankings, and why local companies are so hungry these days!


OK, let’s get right into the keyword research…

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miche Premium
Thanks Kyle, great information on Keyword Research.
Great article
Kyle Premium
Glad you enjoyed it. Local marketing is huge and is going to remain HUGE for quite some time!
muskyblood Premium
Great tutorial Kyle! Really simplified the thought process here.

I am thinking of picking a vet in a city near me, submit a SA, get it ranked on page 1 referring their business as the go to business and then e mailing or writing them a letter letting them know I did this and that I could do more for them if they are interested. Writing the article is a small investment with big possibilities.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, this can definitely be done. Buy my links within the following article. I am only charging "$xx" per link per month...or you can buy the positioning outright for "$xx". This could definitely work if you can get in touch with the local companies and prove the rankings and the associate value (traffic and leads) to them.
Kyle Premium
Awesome Mike, let me know if you do have any questions. This technique works great if you have no local clients, you find the keywords first and then get the rankings...then seek out the local clients. That works well because at that point you have something to show them!
Mike Morales Premium
Perfect timing Kyle. I have a new client that I am working with. This was a nice refresher. OEP baby!! Yeah!