Local Marketing – 8 Ways to Find Local Clients

Local Marketing is growing like crazy. They say 1 of 3 searches online is for local businesses. If you are just starting out looking to get your first local client or if you are looking to expand your local marketing business, this training will give you the different ways to do so.

In this tutorial we will talk about 8 different ways to find new local clients. But first where do you put your focus and what kind of clients should you go after? What services should you offer your local clients?

Part 1
  • Where to put your focus - location or niche?
  • What kind of clients to go after
  • Example niches
  • What services to offer your local clients
Part 2

8 Ways to Find Local Clients
  1. Network in your local area
  2. Network with your family and friends
  3. Exchange services with businesses you use already
  4. Yellow pages
  5. Local papers and ads
  6. 2nd page of Google
  7. Direct mail
  8. Email campaigns

Focus on HOW you can help local businesses to get more online exposure and to get them more clients. Present your offer in a way that they understand and see the benefit. Local businesses do not usually care about SEO and techie stuff they want more customers in the door. Focus on your client and help them solve a problem.

Let`s get started...

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Kyle Premium Plus
Local is not going anywhere and the number of potential clients out there is continuing to grow as the more conventional businesses are starting to see more and more potential in the Internet. People aren't looking in the phonebook anymore to find a local service, they are using some sort of digital device and that represents a massive opportunity for everyone here!

Great training piece!
veronica.l Premium
Thank you, l like that digital device it can help us do lots of things :)
the filbert Premium
excellent tutorial. thanks a bunch!... going to look into the "pointofmail". I had heard of something like that before I became interested in local marketing, but didnt see the need, I do now!
veronica.l Premium
I am glad you liked it Phil. Yes pointofmail is really helpful. I didn`t think I needed it either when I started, but it is kind of frustrating not knowing if the email is read or not, pretty cool that you can see for how long and how many times too :)
klrrider Premium
Really nice... especially the tip about email tracking... thanx for taking the time to create this resource!
veronica.l Premium
Yes the email tracking tool is really helpful, you do not have to work in the dark when using that.
Amy Farr Premium
Wow Veronica! Great stuff! Seems so obvious after I read it but it certainly isn't because I was clueless before I read your tutorial.
I may not be working on my website yet, but this research is vital to my progress. THANK YOU for creating it!
veronica.l Premium
You are welcome, I am glad you liked it.
Let me know if you have any questions I will be happy to help you out.
slayton1s Premium
Good stuff. My dad actually owns a Bait & Tackle shop so this local marketing stuff is useful. --> https://www.facebook.com/charlestonian.fishnhut. I'm honestly more into the online affiliate marketing end of it though right now.
veronica.l Premium
Thank you. Maybe you can get some ideas to get new local clients for your dad`s shop. :)
slayton1s Premium
Yeah perhaps, hah. Wal-Mart's about the only competing place with my dad, even though my dad easily sells better equipment and more cared for live bait (crickets & worms). Wal-Mart sells a lot of fishing poles from Chinese areas (where they have people put in labor jobs creating not very good poles - you get the ideal) and my dad will only sell fishing poles from the U.S. area because he knows those are the good fishing poles to use. & then of course Bass Pro Shop is probably one of the best places to go, but a lot of there prices are off the charts especially with really good fishing poles (there's not a Bass Pro Shop around here anyway).

The place I live in really isn't very big & a lot of people already know that my dad is the only business to go to if anybody wants to fish. But given there's at least 30,000 people in the immediate area, I'm sure I can do at least a little good with online sites for the local area anyway for him. On top of that, I could add in some affiliate type of guides on an online site & make some extra revenue like that along with giving important information people need to know for the immediate area (along with putting Google Adsense on some of the info pages. You know. ;) There's a lot I could do.

Thanks again for the guide.