Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets are great because they allow subscribers to focus on the essential things and help them save time-solving their problems.

Case Study

Many people enjoy learning from the experiences of others. Thus, subscribers can follow the steps of others to achieve the same results.


Popular lead magnets are toolkits and resources. Subscribers want to see what you use to get results.

Swipe files/Template

Swipe files are famous for their ability to eliminate guesswork. Subscribers need only to copy the file and fill in the template.


Many subscribers appreciate tools that can help them reach their goals. Printables are handy tools. For example, you can provide a set of printables to help people organize their closets. Mom bloggers can offer printables for menu planning.

Video Training

Video tutorials can be particularly effective. It allows your market to view and hear you like a webinar and can help increase their connection with you.


Short courses are a great way to show your expertise and provide the information subscribers need. Either you can send your course via email or use an online learning platform.

Online Tool/App/Software

To attract customers, many businesses offer "lite" versions of digital tools for free. However, subscribers will often pay for the device, app, or software if they use it and get a benefit.

A free trial, similar to offering a "lite version" of a tool to your subscribers, is another way to get them to try your offer. You can also get free trials from membership sites.


Although this is more effective than other lead magnets, many people don't want to purchase when they first visit your site. However, if they can get a discount, it can be a great way to attract customers to your company over your competitor.


A free review or assessment is an excellent way for coaches or consultants to showcase their expertise. If you are a web designer, for example, you could offer people a free website review.

Free Consultation

A free consultation is similar to an assessment or review. Subscribers can meet with you for 15 to 30 minutes to feel what you have to say.


Surveys and quizzes can be informative or fun. Subscribers complete the survey or quiz, but they must provide their email and name before seeing the results.


It's hard to resist the lure of free stuff. But, to attract subscribers, the prize must be greater than the other items on the list. So while many people won't enter a contest to win a free e-book or coaching for six weeks, they might.


People often need motivation and inspiration to reach their goals.

You can offer this motivation by creating a 30-day challenge for weight-loss coaches and a 30-day Instagram challenge for social media managers.

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