In SEO practices, content is King. Keyword phrases and the content produced around them feature at the heart of a Search Engine Optimization tactic. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have continued updating their search algorithms to ensure sites come up with quality, unique and fresh content with a view to serving users better and satisfying their search queries.

So, the keyword density of an article is crucial. Overdo keyword stuffing; and your website will get penalized for implementing black hat SEO tactics. Do it too little; and search engines will not identify which keywords you want to target or rank for. This means that you’d have to use keywords properly in your content.

Jaaxy helps track website traffic, and allow site owners to brainstorm which keywords generate the most search engine traffic (organic traffic). This will give you a clue of the keywords that are most crucial to your site, so you can leverage them properly.

In leveraging such key phrases this way, you need to ensure you attain an optimal keyword density. With that said, let’s describe what optimal keyword density is and why it is crucial to search engine optimization (SEO).

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AlanJE Premium
Fantastic detailed training Israel, thank you for sharing this, Alan.
Claudiojuan Premium
Hi Israel, important tips have you left us to achieve a better positioning on our website. Thank you!
StefanieT Premium
Hi Israel, thanks for the tips, but how do we know if our post has a keyword density of 0.5 - 2.5%?. It's hard to tell by looking at it? Is there any software available that can do this?
Mick18 Premium
Thanks, Israel. Your training is amazing as always.
Have a great Sunday,
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your beautiful comment, my friend Mickey! Yes, I do enjoy what I teach from time to time as you do exactly. They are a pile-up of resources useful for anyone that wants to go skyrocketing in the online world, honestly. They are valuable resources I always refer to and try to practice myself. Imagine the topic of this particular training tutorial, Keyword Density! Isn't that amazing and useful? Results are guaranteed in no distant time. Thanks for your contributions!

Israel Olatunji
timstime20 Premium
SEO is huge factor.. thanks for this tutorial it helps to enhance solidifies the training here at WA
Thanks for insight
Israel17 Premium
You're most welcome, Tim. Thanks for leaving a thought! Much appreciated! You're absolutely right that it solidifies the training given in the online entrepreneur certification here at WA. Keywords need to be used judiciously - overdoing it may result in Google penalty and lowered rankings. Thanks for your contributions!

Israel Olatunji